June 22, 2016

My first kek batik (kek batik oreo)

Kek batik oreo

Back in my school days, some of the girly girls would bring small pieces of kek batik in a tupperware to share with the whole class... Saying they made it themselves. Being in just primary school, those who can bake were looked up on. Especially girls. *peer pressure*

I tried making it myself. My friends said all you need is chocolate and biskut Marie. Gaul-gaul, done. I tried making it, exactly just like they said. Back then, the Internet tak meluas sangat pun. Melt the chocolate, gaul-gaul, done. Hah. Memang tak jadi. Fail.

When I was studying in UiTM Lendu, I would always buy kek batik from this one uncle at the bazar near my college. I was such a regular that one day when I told him it is my birthday, he gave me kek batik for free.

Since my first failed attempt during primary school, I've never tried again. I somehow became a bit phobic. Takut tak jadi lagi.

I've been procrastinating a lot on making one. Starting from mum's birthday in early March, Mother's Day, delayed to my younger brother's birthday on 13th May, that one day mum said, "Tunggu cucu buatkan jelah..." and this kek batik oreo recipe? She said, "Kek batik biasa pun tak buat, inikan pulak kek batik oreo..."

Visiting my in-laws during Nuzul Quran, I decided to make one.

Iz bought me all I needed. Well, not exactly 100% but at least ada. He got me Anchor pure butter (salted). Felt a bit sayang to use because so mahal, such a waste just for a simple kek batik... But honestly, one of the main reason I finally decided to make it was because Iz bought the ingredients already. No more excuses.

Okay, recipe. Basically I got this recipe from FB: Resepi Sheila Rusly, credit to SAYS SEISMIK.

Ingredients (the ones that I used)
1. Butter 250g (Anchor pure butter 225g)
2. Susu pekat half tin (teapot krimer pekat half tin kecil)
3. Milo 2 cups (Chocolate malt 1 malaysia)
4. Cocoa powder 3 sudu besar (Imported cocoa powder from the bakery)
5. Biskut Marie 30 pieces
6. Biskut Oreo (yang memang betul-betul biskut dengan the cream tu)

How to (my own way)
1. Melt the butter
2. Add in susu pekat, mix them up
3. Add in milo, mix them up (by then the mixture will be a thicker)
4. Add in cocoa powder (makes the batter smell soooo goooood!)
5. Add in biskut Marie (while still mixing atas api). Seriously, should really break them into tiny pieces... Easy to lenyek-lenyek on the pan. I only broke them into 4 small pieces and later crush them in the pan masa nak lenyek.. Hahah.
6. Line the pan with baking paper. I use an 8 inch pan (it wasn't stated in the recipe how big or small your pan should be). Hence my cake wasn't that thick, tak tinggi. You can see from the picture.
7. Pour the mix into the pan, lenyek-lenyek.
8. Add on the crushed Oreos on top of that layer. I didn't put a lot, sikit-sikit je.
9. Pour the rest of the mix into the pan. Lenyek-lenyek.
10. I let it cool for a while before transferring it into the refrigerator. Leave it overnight.


Supposed to add more crushed Oreos on top of it but I didn't want to.

When I first took it out of the refrigerator earlier this morning, it was so keras I thought Oh no.. Not another failure.. There goes my Anchor butter... But as I sliced it (masih keras) and took a bite. Aha! Tasted like kek batik! And not so keras also.

Mum's first response, 
"Jadi ke?"

Because my kek batik 'jadi', here I am sharing it with you like a pro. Hahahah.

 Happy trying!


NanyFadhly said...

Looks so delicious! just made kek batik but without oreo cookies with the children. Heheh

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Kalau dengan oreo dia jadi sangat manissss....