June 17, 2016

First time flying pregnant

It has been nearly 10 years since I last took a flight and I just had to fly now at 28 weeks pregnant. Flight tickets were sponsored, come on... Rezeki anak ni...

First time flying pregnant, I wasn't sure I needed any documentation. At the very last minute, husband said he just found out I needed a medical clearance letter because I'm already past 26 weeks. He read it up on AirAsia's website. Smart guy.

Went to the clinic where I had my monthly antenatal check up and it happened that my doctor was in. So we requested to see my doctor. I just had a check up with her last week... Hahaha. Meet her for less than 10 minutes, asked for a letter, and paid RM29 at the counter. Terkedu. Just for that one piece of paper. I could have just ask from Tita... But at the last minute, all that matters is to get things done. My doctor stated that I am 29 weeks pregnant and also included my due date.

So basically for 26 weeks and over you need a medical clearance letter from the doctor (just tell her you're flying). And when you check in at the airport you need to fill in another form, Release and Indemnity (Expectant Mother) Form. Just prepare your IC and the medical clearance letter. I had to fill in the form when we drop our luggage. Basically, they are the ones who fill in the form, I only have to sign it. Upon boarding, you will need to again, show the letter and form to the flight attendant. Don't worry, you get to keep the medical clearance letter and a copy of the form, too. Because back to KL from Tawau, I still use the same medical clearance letter. Maybe that's why my doctor stated 29 weeks instead of 28 weeks. Not so sure, but my point is I used the same letter.

The difference between flying from KLIA2 and Tawau Airport was where to fill in the form. In KLIA2, I got the form at the same place we checked in our luggage. As for Tawau Airport, we went straight to AirAsia's office on the first floor after checking in our luggage. Different airport have different procedures, I guess. It doesn't hurt to just ask other than keeping quiet and making assumptions.

Rezeki ibu mengandung. The flight attendant gave me this for free. Heheh... He smuggled it into husbands' lap as he passed by.

 Oh, and no more flying after 35 weeks, okay.

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