February 23, 2015

My mum can swim!

I was at the pool few days ago.

While having a one to one session with a student, I spotted from the corner of my eyes, a lady with four kids. One girl and three boys, ranging about 6 to 10 years old, I guess.

All 5 in proper swimming attire.

The four kids were instructed to just sit by the pool. It was a 1.2 meter deep pool. The mother kept telling them to sit properly and to let their knees stay above the water. Well you know how mischievous kids can get... They would just suddenly purposely let their knees drop into the water and slide into the pool. Just like that. I know. Because I used to have a lot of students like that...

Okay. Good precaution the mother did by instructing so. Though the kids looked so eager to get into the pool. Seriously! I can tell from their faces!

The mother started to blow bubbles while facing her kids. They all looked at her in awe while at the same time mimicking her acts. Mouth open for air... On land.

Then she started to float. Her children still looking in awe. Then she started to swim back and forth in front of her children. They went "Ummi, ummi, ummi, ummi....!" Cheering for her.

Hahah.. That got me feeling like 'Awww....' So supportive. Though it was actually just a turtle swim only. But oh, as long as you move, that is good enough already. No big deal about the techniques. Especially when you're just trying to impress little kids. Heh...

About an hour or so, that was it. The four kids sitting by the side while the mother swims back and forth... Hahah..

I pity the kids. I know how much they longed to be in the water, but well... Your mother wants to swim!

I can't imagine how I'd be with my own child when I have one. Stay with daddy, okay, mummy wants to swim :)

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