February 13, 2015

In a different pool

Just yesterday, I felt different.

I finally feel like I'm in my own league. The big boss aka founder aka mak used to remind me now and then now and then (twice repeated as she really have to remind me a whole load of time!) our mission. I Renang's mission and focus.

I Renang focuses more on water safety and water as a medium for wellbeing, not only swimming, but also other water activities. Your Body... Your Mind. 

Yes. Exactly that is our mission. Nothing to do with high performance athletes etc...

I have friends who are also swimming instructors. Like, duh.... Lifeguard friends, hi! Either they are full time or part time instructors. Freelance or full time. Under a swimming club, school, or operating their own swimming club. Many of them. Lately I noticed them attending swim meets to support their swimmers (Tq Facebook newsfeed). Swimming competition. COMPETITIVE SWIMMING.

I feel like I'm not IN. Because I didnt have a student or trainee to send to compete. But then again, I've attended a swim meet as both a manager and coach before and I didn't quite like it. I like seeing their perfect strokes and their hot broad shoulders but that is it. I've experienced much; as a swimmer, coach, and manager. Well I can say I enjoyed the feeling of competing. But not as much as I love teaching.

Just that not so many people I know is in this thing I'm interested in. So that's why I don't feel IN. Like, in the trend. In the news.

But last Wednesday, I finally received what I've always wanted but never had the chance to. Thank you. Alhamdulillah... Amir, he is Autistic and also wheelchair bound. High fever when he was 9 months, and as a result he couldn't walk. But he could walk before.

Upon seeing him, my heart thugged. He needs rehab. Not just a normal swimming lesson. Because he is wheelchair bound. I have to strengthen his lower limbs. My mind keep racing thinking what exercise to give him. But of course, I have to know his level first.

Basically I was really happy and pleased to be chosen by his sister to help him. After the session, I feel happy. I finally am confident of our (I Renang) goals.

In the hospital where I trained, the pool floor is adjustable. Now is really a challenge as the facility is limited. I'll do my best!

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