February 25, 2015

Featured in Dara.com

So I was the Gadis Pilihan for Dara.com magazine January 2015 issue. Felt a bit shy of blogging about it hence the delay...

I finally decided I should blog about it to just remind myself of my achievements. So I'd be more thankfull... I didn't want to get stuck in past achievements, that's why. Because my fiancè used to say, their coach always reminded them to not let past achievements be their marking stone. But then again, I always feel like I haven't achieved anything when actually being featured in a magazine itself is actually a big achievement. So there. Here's a short post on the feature.

Well, the journalist approached me in an unusual way. The first thing she asked was my age. It was around November last year I think, basically just a few months before I hit 26. The fact that I am 25 makes me eligible to be in the mag. Ha-ha. I really consider myself lucky as I found out soon (when I bought the mag) that Dara.com is targeted for girls until 25 years old. They then proceed to Nur, 26 and above. Or 25 and above. Secretly I targeted to be in Nur pulak.. Hehee...

There are a lot of questions to be answered. It was a TWO-page column. Some of them quite personal... Like how I first get into the swimming industry, who my idol is, my supporters, my dreams, and a lot more. My DREAMS. Well, I consider that quite personal and also a bit shy huh as the dream is too big. I am thankful, though, as throughout answering the questions, it brought back thoughts on why I am doing what I am doing now. Because sometimes I keep on going and doing this routine until I kind of became placid. Reached a placebo already. Like all mendatar.... No new achievements, no new ideas.

Oh. I thought there's gonna be a special photoshoot. But no. The journalist requested my own personal collection of pictures. In a very short time. So I really just randomly pick any pictures I have in my phone at that moment.

Well, say hello to Gadis Pilihan :)
(There, my IMPIAN. So big. As big as an Olympic sized pool)

Oh. Gadis Pilihan IZZUDDIN, specifically. My fiance sent me this. So sweet..... Ahaha!

And yes, I was born in Michigan. Never thought that would be the highlight, like the start of the story. But well, a journalist knows best how to attract readers. And my mum added, people must have thought my mum as a Mat Salleh. Since I was born in US and my mum also teach swimming. Yeah. Can you imagine? A Mat Salleh swimming coach. Hehe...

ps: Sebenarnya I rarely buy magazines... And this Dara.com, is actually my first or second copy only.. 

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