February 3, 2015

Basketball Sesh: Of learning something new

Public holiday in Malaysia for Thaipusam.

Well today I managed to cross out one thing out of my 101 THINGS TO DO IN 2015! Learn to play basketball with Iz. Yes, I actually involved other people in my list. Hahah. Just because he played it as in really played in a tournament. And since I never get the opportunity to watch the tournament. Tourney by tourney... Not even one. I work on weekends. EVERY WEEKEND. Plus, I've always thought of people who played basketball to be cool. And because of the most common perception that ONLY TALL people play basketball. Ah basically I just feel like learning because I think playing basketball is cool.

I learnt a lot. Not only how to play basketball, but about keeping an OPEN MIND. And also about being a trainee, a student. I've always been the trainer, the one instructing, the one teaching.

Stepping out of the car, hearing the sound of the ball bumping against the court (it's called dribbling by the way), I felt nervous already. Am I really doing this? I felt a sudden thug in the chest. Kecut perut. There are other people at the court! Felt nervous, shy, inferior... And so I realized this must be how my students felt in a public pool. Like everyone's watching you being silly. Because I, though am a sports science student, didn't really perform in land activities.

Here I'm just going to state what I learnt as of today's new activity.

ALWAYS keep an open mind.
Be open to new things, be open to criticism, be open to accept changes (new things, samalah tu...). Iz said I should really throw harder and jump a little bit more because I'm short. He didn't have to jump. Simply shoot. Like oh so easy.

Accept compliments (and ASK for it).
Hah. One thing I notice, it really boost up my mood when he praised me. Gave me a quick jolt of energy and self confidence when he did. I quickly realized this must be how my students felt when I told them they are doing good. ASK for compliments, is when you feel like you've tried your best and excel at it. Makes the trainer realized how much it can actually boost up your mood. I'm thankful enough I didn't trip at all during the lesson. Oh yeah. Basically because it was mostly about shooting. I got quite a lot through the loop; one of the many compliments I got from the coach.

Be HONEST with yourself. Be honest with your coach.
This is a bit hurtful. I'm quite short, so I really have to be honest with myself that I AM SHORT therefore I have to work harder and jump. If I didn't accept that fact, I wouldn't force myself to jump. I'm a clumsy and uncoordinated fish out of water. I am as confident and free as a fish in the water but on land I just feel like well, a fish gedik-gedik. Iz said 'ikan keli'. Catfish. Slightly annoyed, but I love keli. And I told him in advance how bad I did for my Bleep Test during the interview, so it actually gave him an idea what to deal with at the court.

Hahah! Not sure if this only applied to certain coaches. But when I compliment certain styles or skills, he would repeat it for me. Hee. Tehehee.... I especially love the cross-over. So bergaya. And when he was about to do the 3-pointer, his face would be so stern like so focused and seriously serious. Never seen him in that state before except during certain times. Okay tmi there! Focus on the lesson. Focus.On.The.Lesson. (main problem when your fiance is your trainer)

And one more.

ADORE your coach? Er... So you would look forward to seeing your coach everyday. Hee. Oh. I think the best would be marry your coach. So that you'll be LIVING with the coach. Serap semua skil. Hahah.

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