January 2, 2015

Faking happiness?

Went for a quick new year drink with bestie last night.

"B, 5 o'clock."
"What? 5 o'clock me or you?"

Took some time so as not to look so obvious.

"5 o'clock. NOW!"

Oh. So sad... A toddler squished in the middle of her parents, sitting numbly while both parents eyes fixed on the phone.

The table was still empty. Oh I guess they are waiting for their food.

Then comes the food. I turned around just in time to catch the mother taking a selfie with the daughter with the food.

Oh. That is sooo fake. Taking a picture and smile smile smile... When in real life you actually IGNORED her!

While paying at the counter, took a quick glance at the family.

Mother eyes still fixed on the phone. Little girl eating or playing with fries. Daddy eyes fixed on the phone.

Oh, please.

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