December 16, 2014

I should be blogging...

Waiting for bestie at the saloon, the thought suddenly came.

"Hey. I should be blogging!"

I haven't really had a good me time these past few days... Life has been hectic. The last two weeks especially... I Renang has come up with a new programme in which we pick up and send home the students safely to the doorstep.

Honestly, I really respected all the mothers out there. Especially my mum. Sending me to sekolah agama for a good 6 years. I wonder how she didn't get bored of me because seriously and honestly, there were times when I just wanted to shut things off. And when the time came for the last class... I was soooooooo happy!

As I watched my last student enter her house, I was so overjoyed! Alhamdulillah... Alhamdulillah!

I was almost into tears. Yes, I was 'that' relieved. Very relieved... And I celebrated it with my ol' time favourite Teh Ais. Iced tea didn't really sound creamy so let's just stick to Teh Ais.

Now we are into our 3rd batch of students. I gained a lot of experience. Surely I will write about it in the I Renang blog soon. Soon. Hehe..

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