November 7, 2014

My first four pots

telah terjual!

Makcik Min came just now and bought 4 pots of my japanese roses. Mum sold it for RM3 each. Flowers still hasn't come out, but she still insisted on buying. 

Wah... Alhamdulillah. RM12. Divided it with younger brother, each got RM5 and RM2 goes into the gardening account. Why save only RM2? Because when you spend more for yourself you invest more on the business. Pulak dah? Hahah! Well.. Basically you must feel and indulge in what you get first, then only you are more motivated to work. Right?

See the polybags. All those are japanese roses. The flowers still hasn't bloom but soon, yes, soon...


Farah Izza Shafik said...

Thank you so much for dropping by!! :)
In the end, my mom bought it one of 'kedai borong' near her house. Haha! Ruzain hates it.. kihkih..

Bashtiah said...

You're welcome :) Hahahah yeah.. I thought so. Usually things like that can easily find at pasar borong. Macam2 benda perseneh my mum used to say.