October 22, 2014

Time To Wind Down...

Life has been quite hectic these days. I Renang is expanding and living in the same house with your boss, we talked about it most of the time. Arguments included, of course. Ha-ha.

Today is a public holiday in Malaysia (Deepavali). But since morning we had a meeting and I'm supposed to have class at 3pm today. At about 2.30pm it started to rain so the class was cancelled for today. It can't be delayed as the student herself got a limited time.

A bit disappointed because that means class replacement. But I always try to remind myself that everything comes for a reason. Ada hikmahnya.

So I started crocheting. It's also a good time for me to wind down a bit from my hectic schedule. And what I love is I'm able to 'zikir' while doing crochet. It's almost the only time I get to 'zikir' a lot...

I already crochet 10 granny squares. I still don't have any specific plan on what I'm going to do with it. Turn it into a blanket, a tablecloth, or a cushion cover? At first I wanted to sell it. As in make something and sell it. Then I got so stressed crocheting because for something you want to sell, you can't go one granny square per day. 

And so I decided to just crochet to wind down a bit and if I feel like selling it, I'll sell it. Coz for now, this is one of the thing that keeps me occupied and stress free :)

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