October 13, 2014

Thousands In A Pod

WAKE UP. People are making money easily.

4 seeds for RM 2.

NO JOKE. Seriously, you can get hundreds even thousands of seeds in just one pod. Been doing online transaction for mom for the past few months, seeds arriving in small envelopes right to our doorstep. 
RM 24, RM 36, but never more than RM 50. 

No more online purchases are made at the moment as she is now learning to plant them herself using the seeds. So I helped her collect the seeds this morning. You can get a lot of seeds just from one stem if you look closely. And in one seed pod, tada! Look at the picture above, and count how many seeds you got there.

And to think people sell ONE of those seeds for RM 0.50! 

I feel like selling seeds, too. But then I thought. Kesian...  There's no guarantee that the seed will bloom into a flower. If you know how to care for it, then fine. But if the opposite happens. Too bad, right?

As for me, I'd rather do business to HELP people. With the intention to help, the motivation is stronger :)

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