October 10, 2014

The Engagement Ring

After 24 days of getting engaged, I finally get to slip on the ring perfectly. I got them resized about a week or so after the engagement. And after the engagement I only kept it in the box.

I must admit we struggled a lot in finding 'the ring'... Along the way we booked and rejected quite a few. So many things to learn.. 999, 916, 375... And the list goes on. You can never get a 916 gold ring with pure diamond. If you want pure diamond, compensate on the gold. If you want gold, then compensate on the diamond. There are Zircon, American Diamond, Ruby...

Honestly, I never wanted a one diamond ring (cincin batu satu)... I thought it as old fashioned and awkward with just one diamond stuck in the middle. And at first I thought there isn't any difference between Zircon and pure diamond (my fiancè said so) but I guess a girl is a girl; once showed the pure diamond, I can immediately tell the difference. And so I decided I wanted diamond.

I've actually always imagined a ring with a flower-like diamond in the middle. Not one big stump of diamond in the middle. But... But... When I set my eyes on this one I just have to have it. My heart says this.is.the.one.

Luckily it was on sale 50%. That's a whole lot of discount, really. So you get to choose those expensive ones with a cheaper price without compromising on quality. After asking many times and rechecking again is this the one is this the one, he finally bought the ring. I still asked whether it is possible to make any changes. Haha.. But really, deep in my heart I believe this is the one. And the one is the one because it's within his budget 'after discount'. HAHA! Oh I'm also thankful to have met such a patient person... Booked a ring, then cancel. Find another ring. Then another ring.... Even me myself got tired of my own fussy self sometimes.

Today, I kept on looking at the ring and asked my fiancè:

 "Cantik kan? Cantik betul..."
 "Mestila. Habib kut."

I didn't know Habib is an expensive brand until I got this ring. I thought all jewellery shop are the same. Yea, seriously. I wasn't into jewelleries that much. Well, before I got engaged. Now I just love 'em to bits.

Still, I learnt a lot. You really have to know what you want in the first place. If you have NO IDEA what you want, go look around. And one great advice I got from this one guy at Hafiz Jewels, be patient. Sabar. Take your time to find the one. And he also adviced, let the girl choose. Because she's the one who will be wearing it. You choose, because you're the one wearing it :)

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