October 17, 2014

Stress Factor

What makes you stressed?
Money. People. The environment. What?

Well... I received a job offer even before I graduated. And I started my first real job not even one month after I graduated. And, for a fresh graduate, I was offered a basic salary of about RM 3k. Basic salary.

I worked there only for 6 months.

2 months into the job, I became stressed. Because of the working hours, because of the environment.... On Sunday morning I would wake up so stressed because I've to go to work the next day.

Sunday morning, yes. MORNING. If Sunday night it would still sound okay, right? But Sunday morning...

I finally decided to shift to only part time. Coz I decided I wanted to do only what I want to do. Well, I teach swimming in the evening and the rest of the day was simply paperwork and YouTube. Seriously, most of the time I feel like I'm not maximizing my time.

Wait. As I wrote that it suddenly hit me. Not maximizing my time. Wasting time. Yes. That was exactly what I complained about back then. And yesterday.. I was really busy from morning til night, and at night I complained of being too tired. Still complain.

So what do you want, really???

Manusia memang selalu tak bersyukur! Manusia memang tak pernah puas!

I hope this works a reminder for me. And other people out there. To always look on the bright side and think positive... I always have to reflect back and be remindes to be thankfull.. Alhamdulillah... Those 5 prayers really helps us stop and reflect in life. If without those 5 prayers, we might be busy all day nonstop tak ingat Tuhan...

Apa kaitan dengan stres? Stress factors... There might be a lot stress factors no matter what job you do... Situations are always changing, always different.. But now I believe the only stress reliever is going back to God. Trust in His plans and be patient.


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