October 31, 2014

Millionaires Are Cheapskates

Accompanied mum to the nursery to get some pots and soil for her petunias and my japanese roses.

Around the nursery was a dumpster and we saw a lot of used tyres. Imagine a dumpster, with rubbish, old sofas, etc... Drove past through and mum kept on saying "Sayang la tayar-tayar tu... Boleh letak pokok bunga... Boleh tanam sayur..."

I was a bit reluctant on going to the dumpster... But then I thought, just now all the large pots are not less than RM25... And this one here is absolutely FREE. So, I parked the car by the road and whatever okay whatever people said you just go there. Put on my shades and went to choose tyres with my mum.

Because I was influenced by millionaires. I read up on them and yes, they are cheapskates. They bring their own drinks, they don't waste too much on clothes during festive seasons...

So there. We get to save a lot ya. GST, right... Maybe I'll post an update on what happens next to these tyres.

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