April 9, 2013

On being your own normal self

I used to love being independent. Sometimes I like to take a longer route just so I'd have a longer time for myself... I've tried walking to class in groups before. Most of the time I'd grumble and complain. And almost swear I'd never wait for people anymore. I like to be independent.

Now, I got what I want.

Stuck in a place away from home. I only rent a room.
I'm totally independent now. On my own.

For the past 5 weeks, I really depend on a friend to drive me here and there. I have a Competent driving license but I proudly stick P on the car windows. Just now, somehow there was a misunderstanding between the friend and I. I stomped off and thought, okay you can go back on your own and I'll take home the car. CONFIDENCE. So confident I'll be able to drive the car back home.

Well, the guy managed to catch up before I leave him. Either that, or I'm the one that took so long to start moving the car...

All that aside, I managed to drive home.


The Green Girl said...

I love being independent, too. Knowing I can rely on myself.

AyuAdzum said...

If it's about car, forget it, i'm not so independent to that extend. hee. Btw, I follow u.;)

miZz_nizZ said...

ya!people want what they want.sometimes u just hav to walk in defiance of it and just b urself..eh,cam xkena je ayat ni.haha. pape pun, b urself, lg suka independent so pilihla dat path. =)