February 4, 2013

Menjadi adik

I've always been the big sister, the kakak. I'm always the one who have to take care of, not the one to be taken care of. I have one elder brother and a younger brother. Squashed in the middle, I held a bigger responsibility as the elder sister compared to the younger sister.

However, things were different during this one volunteer program I joined recently. I wasn't the youngest in the group, neither was I the eldest. Let's just say I'm the third youngest in the group. But, somehow they actually treated me like I'm the youngest, the one they have to really take care of. They always said I'm still a kid. Just because I told them the first night at the hotel I actually turned on all the lights because I was scared of sleeping alone (the tv was on the whole night, too).

It's a weird feeling. I feel young, though. Ha-ha.


MizzTina said...

ok la tu terasa adik..org lbh care psl kite.. wlupun kdg² rimas.. hehehe

teah said...

Yup, kadang2 rimas tapi suka jugak. heheh.. ;)