January 26, 2013

Letting Go

I have a problem of letting go of things.

Suka sangat menyimpan barang-barang lama...

I still have my assignments during diploma days, in which I already graduated from 2 years ago. Yes, I'm pursuing a degree now but this degree is a new field. A totally different field... I still have a folder in my laptop written 'DIPLOMA IN TOURISM MANAGEMENT'. I've decided to clean it up but I couldn't bring myself to clean it ALL up. It's taking a lot of disk space, I know... But it's just so hard to let go. I'm the type who like to reflect back at the old times.

I like to look back and remind myself of the good ol' days. Sometimes for hours... And this is not good. Not good, I know. I'm actually detaching myself from the present, and even future. We should think forward, and reflect back now and then to remind us. Not look back and stay there, like what I'm doing now. So hereby I'm declaring that I'm deleting the diploma folder. But I'm going to keep the practical report just as a guidance for this degree practical report.

Like a friend had once said.
It is good to reflect back, but sometimes if we depend too much on the past, it'll held us from moving further. For example, for last season they managed to get into the quarter-finals, and this season they managed to get into semi-finals. If we depend too much on the past, we'll think of it as okay. But if we don't, we'll try to get into the finals.

It is about doing the best we can do.

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