December 31, 2012

Untuk terbang tinggi perlu sayap yang kuat

*To fly high you need tough wings*

I'm feeling a bit pressured here.
It seemed that everyone believe I could achieve anything, no matter how hard it is. hoi. I'm a normal human being...

My supervisor said my research has the chance to receive a grant. And so despite having to complete 2 assignments, 1 test, and 6 final papers coming up, I now have to prepare a research grant application. I don't think any undergrad students have ever received a research grant.
RESEARCH GRANT. For undergrads. Come on...

Like, you don't even own a degree yet and you're asking for a grant? This is your FIRST TIME doing research and you're asking people to actually trust you until the extend of sponsoring it? Aiya...

AND... My mum and younger brother are actually planning to follow me to Australia. Like going to Australia is already confirmed. I planned on pursuing Masters in Aussie. Well, like I said. Apparently they believe I can do it.

I only have a huge passion in any water-based activity. This passion is what drives me.

Told a friend, this was what he replied,
"Woah! We'll be able to get married soon!" 
It's not a wedding grant... omg.

This is madness. MADNESS.
Wish me luck. Like my mum said, Nothing is impossible. Yeah, thanks mak.


Yong Sofea said...

woah sounds so tough! all the best and happy new year teah! you can do it :)

teah said...

Thank you, Yong! :)