December 26, 2012

Ready to rock it!

I'm feeling high. Like so high I could complete anything in just a second.

I'm all hyped up to start the study week. It's 26th, my first paper is on the 3rd, next year. But don't be fooled, I still have two tests, one presentation, and one assignment to go.

I feel that I'm ready to start studying, revising, studying, revising. I already settled the family business, well, referring to our swimming company. I've been delaying and procrastinating a lot. Basically because it's a family business, so I kind of treat it like a family. Like you don't have to work hard to maintain the relationship because there's already a blood tie. Ha-ha. If I treat the business like a boyfriend, I'll work hard to maintain it. Eh.

Well anyways, I'm ready to rock it! And I'll rock it hard!


Yong Sofea said...

Study week can be tiring sebab you have a lot to study for your final. Good luck ;D

teah said...

Thank you, Yong! Yes, indeed... But I'm just going to think 'this is the last, this is the last...' haha.

The Green Girl said...

Sounds like you are ready. Hope you can keep up the momentum through the New Year!

Happy New Year, girl!

teah said...

Thanks GG :) Happy New Year to you too!