December 14, 2011


viva voce
-an examination conducted by spoken communication

Well so we had our viva today (Tuesday) at the gym, for the subject Physical Fitness and Wellness.

For a moment I hate the fact that my name starts with B
I was the fourth person in line. We were divided into groups of 5.

Active warm up on treadmill

All 5 of us on the treadmill at.the.same.time.
Seriously, ALL FIVE at the same time. I actually have to voice out REAL loud in order to be heard. And it doesn't help either that the person next to you is doing lunges while you yourself are planning to start with a simple leg curl...

Functional exercise

Pectoralis major


Pectoralis major + calf muscle
Now, create a functional exercise involving these two muscles.

I was really nervous I couldn't think straight. I actually brought the tester for a walk first, from the weight training section (Okay, here Sir) to the middle of the gym (Ha, it's better to do it here Sir. Wait Sir, we need a mat too...). Stealing time to think!

HOW am I gonna combine these two muscles in one exercise?
I kept on thinking, be creative Bash, be creative Bash...

In the end I performed a wrong exercise. Did push ups and straight leg raise.
I demonstrated it confidently, mind that.

Flexibility Exercise
Demonstrate how to stretch your tensor fasciae latae... 
(Okay Sir! Okay wait, Sir... It's better to do it this way, Sir.)
Again people, confidence is key. And yeah, keep on talking.

Let's just cut things short. Okay, in short.
I did badly.

I know well the muscles location but I couldn't put together the correct exercises.

As usual I consulted my mum. Here came the answer:
"Itu yang kena master kan as a sports science student... Ingat senang? Heh. Heh..."
-____-" I know, mak. I know.

It's certainly tough. 

Moments later...
Menangis. OMG. Such a cry baby~


Anum said...

great entry

Pocket said...

er.. barbel squat?tapı ıtu bukan utk calves, more to quadrıcep. err.. skıppıng!

okeh, so u've done badly once.
study la blk pas nı okeh.
jangan rısau, after thıs u'll be
more experıenced okeh.

Namee Roslan said...

bash, nak tanya.untuk perempuan..macam mana nak ada otot kat perut. what kind of exercises yang perlu kita lakukan ?? heee..

Bashtiah said...

Namee, kena rajin buat sit ups and ada a few more exercises for abs. Nanti2 I cuba buat special entry okay ;) edisi kesihatan. hahah..