December 10, 2011

Know It All Yeah

The more you learn, the more you don't know.

I was disqualified for the 100 meter breaststroke event during the inter-faculty sports competition (Sukan Antara Fakulti)... Because I finished the race by touching the wall with only one hand.

 The lifeguard said ,"DQ"
I was like, "DQ? DQ tu apa???"
Disqualified. Thank you very much.

"Oh... Eh kenapa?"
"Sebab touch dengan satu tangan"
"Satu tangan apa? Jap, jap... Tak faham. Tangan apa?"
"Touch dinding mesti dua-dua tangan"
"Eh? Masa bila?" 

Honestly, I couldn't get what she meant about touching the wall with both hands. Such a novice... She had to explain in great detail, only then I understood. Hahah...

At first I felt okay about it.
It's okay it's okay... At least I participated. At least I was in the team.

But as I thought it over.
I'm a swimming instructor yet I DON'T KNOW the rules.

That one point makes me down.
Other than the thought that I could have won if I wasn't disqualified, the fact that I didn't know the rules makes me even more down.

And I feel bad about it.

But seriously, the more you learn about something, the more you don't know.
All this while I thought I know all about swimming.... Well it's because I never entered a competition. It was only my second time. The first time I entered was last year, and that one time was to replace a friend. Very last minute. 3 days before the competition.

Anyhow, no matter how bad I performed, it was a learning process. 
An experience.


Pocket said...

Well bashtiah,
the only word that u can say to joke about it would be...

'now i know'

but damn its a pity that u cant race.
cause i know u can give the race the challenge it is required.

dont beat your self for this,
u can compete next year ok:D

Bashtiah said...

Hahah... Okay.

Ohhh, now I know. ;)

I'm looking at this positively, just to make sure I'm not being too hard on myself. Cos' if I did then I'm afraid I might lose my passion for swimming. Haha..

Thanks for the advice Pocket!

Namee Roslan said...

hehe, na'ah,its okay. nothing to worry about bash. somehow, when we read and study a lot about something, we just thought that we knew everything but we're actually not. baca baca but takde practical. hehe, but at least kita beajar dari experience kan :) next year boleh cuba lagi..terus jadi champion ! :)

Bashtiah said...

thanks for the advice :) Surely I'll try again next year. hehe..

Pocket said...

oops! i've mentioned u and your story in my newest post. Tell me if u want me to remove yourname or anything ok :D