November 11, 2011

Wellness X 8 2011

So... This, is the post that I've promised. Oh. This is a lengthy, diary-like post. I promised myself too I'd write about it as to not forget how I felt.

The event went well; it was a success as said by our advisor. Well actually it's the advisor's opinion that matters the most by the way. He's the one who gave us marks. And this sweaty event carries 20% okay. Yeah, a freaking TWENTY PERCENT!
And I'm so glad he gave us FULL MARKS! Yeah, baby... FULL MARKS.

Wellness X is a mass aerobic event consisting of qigong, zumba, pilates, cardio kick, and hip hop. Organized by Bachelor of Sports Science semester 3 students, it is held every semester as one of the requirement for the subject Physical Fitness and Wellness. It can be said as a tradition and is definitely a mega event awaited by students under the Sports Science and Recreation Faculty, UiTM.

Wellness X 8 2011 is special...
Because for the first time ever it combined 3 different groups; B. Sports Science UiTM Arau, B. Sports Science UiTM Shah Alam, and B. Education UiTM Shah Alam. Oh yeah, we have soon-to-be-TEACHERS doing aerobics with us!

AND... It is also different because...
We have a new advisor, so basically new ideas! (It was his first time handling Wellness X.)

I believe I blabbered too much in this post. -.-"
But anyway... Let's continue!

Wellness X, yes, is a mega event for sports science students. But guess who the top leaders are? Our project leader, mister chairman, is a Diploma in Fine Art holder. Yeah, the artsy-artsy type... The assistant, yes, me, was once a tourism student. 
Now combine both and what do you get?
Kesenian Pelancongan dalam Sukan.

Never, ever, ever in my head have I thought about being appointed as the assistant project leader. Like, hello hello hello??? TINGGI GILA OMG! 
  • Life was hectic.
  • I became so tense.
  • Organizing people and making sure people did their job was my job.
  • Answering and reporting to the head on people's progress became my daily routine.
  • At one point I suddenly felt a huge relief I didn't have a special boyfriend as I spent too much time and too much phone credits for the head that it would spark jealousy.

I did not go on stage, but I still stood right in front them. It was a great feeling when they thank me for being there, in front of them. They said they were real nervous, and seeing me down there makes them comfortable. :)

Indeed, it is true what my mum said "Bukan semua 300 orang suka kau buat qigong". While doing qigong, I heard a few people complained about the boring and slow movement... HA-HA. Lucky thing I'm not up there!

But I did get my own on-stage moments. TWICE. 
First, I get the chance to go on stage to present the Dean our Wellness X 8 2011 shirt as a token of appreciation.
Second, at the very end, the whole crew went up on stage and performed hip hop together. So yeah!

I must say I'm the most relieved person when the event ended. Phew!


miss Ejat said...

wellness x.... semoga meneruskan kegemilangan lagi semester depan....

Bashtiah said...

miss Ejat:
Betul tu, semakin lama semakin baik!

Pocket said...

hey hey!!
those point ?

sounds just like how
u will be if u'r working :D
n the best part was..

there was no relief in the end of every project... as there will be another one.. muhaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Sarah Mohd Saleh said...

thniahhhh dpt full marks dr en.matttt;)

Bashtiah said...

Yeah yeah yeah! That's so true... There will ALWAYS be another project.

Thank youuuu...!

Namee Roslan said...

every semester ke ada big project macam tu? wow !! :D what specific course u were taking actually ? menarik. :)

Bashtiah said...

Yup yup, every semester ;)
i belajar sports science.