November 6, 2011

Our Ending

Earlier this morning at the mosque after performing the prayers, the ustaz gave a short tazkirah... He was really smart to be able to relate current issues in his talk.

He said this one thing about us, loyally following every episode of sinetrons and TV shows that we forgot about our own life episode. We wouldn't miss even one episode. But we forgot, we might be dead even before watching the final episode. Scary right?

We kept on following that.other.story, that we forgot to manage our own story.

We kept on thinking and wondering what might happen next in the next episode that we forgot to think about what might happen next in our life.

We kept on blaming the bad characters in the TV, but did we realize our own actions?

Each.One.Of.Us... has got our own story. But what's the ending?

Well... Think.
Yeah I've been heartbroken. And just like the character in any TV show we watched, the character most of the time didn't know a lot of things. 

WE, the viewers would go: 
"Hey, can't she tell the truth???"
"She's right behind youuu, come on! Look behind youuu!"

Got what I meant?
One time you might be really in love, while other people would say: 
"He's got another woman, hello???? Can't you see???"
Well, you just can't. But slowly, as time goes by... The truth revealed. It's our life we're talking about here... Don't get too engaged in other stories that we forgot about our own.

And don't think too much about the past until it makes you stop from moving on. I know one day, just one fine day, I'll meet the one. A much better one.

Just like in TV shows, there are directors. Like us, we have God to guide us.
Pray. Berdoalah.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha. :)


Pocket said...

and the viewer of my story would be crying... 'sudah sudah la blogging masa kat ofis tu pocket!! boss kamu dok monitor tuuuu!!!'


to end tis life with the best finale, we must realize what is wrong and right, but to make this life interesting, we are given with a gift of making mistake:)

that is what makes this story interesting :D

Yong Sofea said...

Nice one! :'))))

Sophie Al-Yahya said...

rasa macam nak nangis pula baca entry ni.

Nice one Bash =)

I have my own story, a complicated one.haha

Bashtiah said...

Hahah.. Yeah, you'd be blogging and there your boss would be just behind you, reading every single word.
Yes indeed, and make sure that we didn't repeat the mistake. ;)

Thanks :)

Iyelah, setiap dari kita ada cerita masing-masing kan... hm. :)

Namee Roslan said...

ahahaha, nak nak sinetron Indo, penuh dengan conflicts dari first episode sampai lah last episode. sama juga hidup kita tak nampak, orang lain yang nampak benda yg kita tak nampak (viewers) kita ? The actor was us..and the storyline will be arranged by us.

Bashtiah said...

Haa... betul! Sinetron memang ambil masa berbulan-bulan kadang tu. Ya, ada orang yang memerhatikan hidup kita. Kita ni tak sedar..