November 1, 2011

One-Man Show

Is what I've been up to for the past few months until the extent of neglecting this blog.
It's like an aerobic marathon with various styles; qigong, zumba, cardio kick, hip hop, and pilates. 

My group had to present qigong. And we performed it outdoor, in a green, green, green environment. As early as 7.30 am, as requested by the oh-so-dearly lecturer, just a day before. Hectic, I must say. Very hectic. We didn't plan on performing outdoor so yeah, it was really hectic when you suddenly have to find a green spot to perform.
Oh yeah... ANYTHING for the lecturer.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't be performing on stage during this event. I held such a high position that performing on stage even for 10 minutes would result in a HUGE chaos. Yeah, I am that important... VERY IMPORTANT (pathetic). I'm the freaking chairman's assistant
And because of that fact no matter how good my steps are, I still couldn't be on stage.

Terribly disappointed.
I consulted my mum, as usual...

"The lecturer said my steps memang OK tapi still tak boleh perform. Ish!" whining more.... Huhuhuuuu.... And whining more, more, and more... Regretting how I should have   refused to held this position.

Here came the great advises from my mum: 

"Kau ingat 300 orang yang datang tu suka kau buat qigong???"

"Kau sendiri ingat step kau cantik. Kau ingat SEMUA 300 orang yang datang tu fikir step kau CANTIK???"

That was kind of harsh. But it makes me realize immediately. Not ALL 300+ people who came would think my steps are good. And I, certainly am not going to risk that public humiliation.

But the FINAL great advice would be this:

"Pergi sembahyang taubat"

Not too long after that, she sent me a text message on how to perform solat sunat taubat.

Healthy is not enough... Fitness to die for!


Anum said...

happy fun..

gracie said...

Hey Bashtiah, you could post another vid but this time of you doing the steps and we will all tell you that you look awesome :D

Pocket said...

amatlah pocket tak leh nak wat nyer,
ari tu senam robik utk 15minit pun dah lembek,
kamu memang kuat :D

wait? the chairman's assistant could not go onstage? why? cause the judge will be bias to win you?

then there is nothing to be sad about. its not that u are not good enough that they're not letting u perform, its because the politic says so.

anyway.. your mom advise is the final one :) she knows better ^^

Bashtiah said...

Yes yes, it would be really fun!

Aww... That's so sweet of you! I'm a bit shy of posting one where I'm in it.. Ehee..

Hi Pocket! No it's not a competition, it's just a performance and sort of like a mass aerobic.

I'm not allowed to perform as according to the supervisor, I have to settle things... Like, because my position is high enuf already, so I just have to standby. Oh yeah! Politic. Hahah... But I'll still enjoy myself :D

Namee Roslan said...

wah qigong...first time dengar. perlukan stamina ni .kalau I, dah pengsan dah. :D

Bashtiah said...

Hi! Qigong ni macam tai chi jugak. Ala yang uncle and auntie kat padang tu selalu buat tuh. :)