November 13, 2011

Enough Is Enough

Just an opinion to share.

Being single or being in a relationship is better?

About a few months ago I had a small chat with a friend, who's in a relationship... But always longing to be single, like me. If her boyfriend heard this, man oh man, he would be oh-so-disappointed!

Her main point:
If you're single, you can be friends with anyone. 
Like, you can mingle around more with hot hot hot guys la. That's what she meant.

Yeah. I told her that's true. 
But at one point you'll need someone to settle down with. You kept on mingling around, being friends with A, B, C, and D... But at the end of the day, you must have that ONE person to stick with.

So my advice:
Enjoy your time being single, if you're single.
Appreciate your partner if you have a partner.

So there.


syahidahfouat said...

a very good advise :)

Pocket said...

well what can i say,
yes u are right,
but being the guy who never believe in love.. let me say a few words or two.

being single allows u to widen your choice, u can do more when u'r single.
u can rock climbing with that guy as the personal instructor, still u can group travel to bali without the question.. 'u ok la plak gi ngan jantan ajnabi gitu?'

u'll be more 'like'able by people too. Ever wonder why they ask for the status in the resume?
because the taken one usually harder to control. Commitment maybe.

so my vote is, stay single.
u can move further that way :D

Yong Sofea said...

stay single or don't stay single, for me both have their own pros and cons.

I've never been in a relationship I tell you that. Maybe because I'm not pretty enough. LOL

But, some of the days, oh how I long to have a person which I can share everything and depends on.

Nantilah kot bila dah kahwin. Boleh snuggle sekali xD

Namee Roslan said...

bash, so true. if u dare ur urself and jump into a relationship ,then u must dare to take all the challenges.

For some, committing to a relationship can be hard, for others it's pretty easy. But when do you actually know it's time to commit to a relationship and how to do it? Em, just do it and just go with the flow i guess. Kalau tak suka rasa terkonkong, nnti kawhin pun mmg sah2 kita akan rse terkonkong. so takde beza..hehe. cuma kalau umur 20 pun bercinta kena konkong teruk dgn bf, itu maksud bf tak memahami. tinggalkan je. :P

mei merah said...

biase la. hidup dan cinta kdang2 aneh.

Bashtiah said...

Sorry guys! I took so long to reply back!

Thanks :) This is what I think, others might have diff opinions though.

Why didn't you believe in love? Well I know I did :) Hey thanks for the advice! That's true. Instead of answering that question to my mum, I'd have to face the other half too...

And oh, I didn't notice that point of yours but it does makes sense. Single means you're more flexible.

Eh hey hey hey! Love based on looks will end up nowhere. We'll all grow old ;) Yeah, that's a nice thought. Plus, dah halal :)

Ha'ah, just go with the flow. And memang tempoh bercinta tu lah masa untuk kenal. So yeah, memang betul kata orang, nak kahwin bukan main2 jadi kenala cari orang yang sesuai...! :D

Mei merah:
Memang betul... >.<