November 19, 2011

Circuit Training


Eh wait. Let's cross that out.

Circuit training IS like a circus.
It's FUN TO WATCH, but very TIRING to do. (The animals are forced to perform the acts I believe) Plus, a circus's stage is circle right?
Circle stage
Circuit is a path that forms a circle around an area, or a journey along this path. (Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English)

Circuit training:
A combination of high intensity aerobics and resistance training designed to be easy to follow and target fat loss, muscle building, and heart-lung fitness.

Oh yeah.
I had circuit training earlier this morning, 7.05 am. I didn't plan on doing so, actually. 4 more friends said they'll be joining me this morning, but only 1 turned up. As predicted... 

Circuit training. This was initiated by the only friend who came.
And I was such a bimbo to not know what a circuit training is. Padahal kata budak sukan... AND, we already learnt about it last semester, theoretically. 

For every exercise that he did, I only managed a mere half of his. He did 20, I did 15. And as for the sit ups, I almost did it on the red track. Relevance: When you got up, your back would be all red as a result of the red track. Nampak sangat tak pernah buat on track... Such a bimbo. I felt stupid but I thought; just drop down the ego and learn okayyh! We don't wanna be a bodoh sombong bimbo here aite?

Oh. I stopped after 6 rounds. He continued with his training. Me? Ah-ha-haa... Enough for today. Plus I planned on going swimming later on. :)

Circuit training (in my opinion), is really really really tiring! Seriously! Can I say FUN? Well it is, actually. Because you don't simply run run, but you also go up up (sit ups). The heart rate went up faster too. :) I tried counting my heart rate but it seemed unbelievable because it went too fast. I was afraid so I stopped counting til' the end. And being such a noob, I was really worried that it went up so high. Pandai.

I asked a friend, a senior, and she said it is OK. If you do it right, you are supposed to get that. Hah.
Anyway, anyhow people. Come on let's exercise!

Just to get fit.
Sedentary cat


Namee Roslan said...

bash,,ada tips untuk dapat perut otot tak untuk perempuan ? dr segi pemakanan, n exrcise yg macam perlu..:P

Pocket said...

pergh! kamu buleh buat 15 tu pun kira dah ok bangat dah,
pocket kalu langsung lah hahaha...

ari tu cadang nak weight loss.
somehow worked a bit, but as after raya end.. my semangat too ended.

ohh.. bukan senang woo nak get fit!!

Bashtiah said...

Eh eh... nak perut yang flat eh? Ini mcm impian setiap perempuan. hahah... Just do sit ups. Religiously. ;)

Hahaha...yeah so true. Once you start, the toughest thing is keeping to it.

It's quite easy actually..heh. Jaga makan, bersenam ;D