October 7, 2011

Tiduran Atas Kertas

Hello October.
It's the fourth week of the semester already.
Three days ago I had class from 6 pm - 9 pm and 8 pm-10 pm. Two places in one time.
Two days ago I fell asleep on a pile of papers, which were journals, actually.
Last night I fell asleep on a strangers' shoulder during college meeting.
Just now during class, I almost fell asleep in class. 

Truth is, I'm exhausted.
I'm spending more time at the gym now. I've been frequenting the gym more than I frequent the swimming pool. Which is very weird for me. And for my body.
The body needs to adapt...

I've been busy coping with my studies I didn't really had the heart to write informational blog entries. So sorry...


Pocket said...

blogging doesnt have to be all that informational, we want a few laughter over cynical joke too :D
some stupid story would always entertain.

sleeping on someone's shoulder is the best!! was it a boy? did u drool? :D heheheh

Sarah Mohd Saleh said...

alahaiii ciannnnyerrr dieee.dah msk sem kannn busy lahh blik....

Bashtiah said...

Thanks for the advice! I kind of got carried away too much. I kept on thinking 'informational' that I forgot to just enjoy writing. hahah...

Oh, it's a girl's shoulder by the way ;p

Ha'ah memang dah busy habisss! hua.

Namee Roslan said...

tiah...as long as u tend to make people laugh and smile, itu sudah cukup. it doesnt have to be extra too serious . somehow, blog info tak berapa dapat sambutan pun. did u read maria elena's? banyak info tak? i think not really tapi orang enjoy dengan character dia. :) macam bashtiah!! :D

Sophie Al-Yahya said...

Bash, kesiannya.. Membayangkan Bash yang tiny ini handle semua ni buatkan Sophie rasa alahaiii kesiannya..huhuhu..

Bash pergi gym uitm? Sophie NAK SANGAT pergi.cuma masa je masalahnya.

Bashtiah said...

Terharu... :') Thanks. Namee selalu ada good advice untuk I bila I rasa down about my blog. I enjoyed reading maria elena's, and memang jarang dia update benda yang super serious.

I'll do my best and just be bashtiah ;)

Huuu.. pergi, pergi... Semester ni memang kena selalu2 kan pergi gym. Bila Sophie ada masa, text je bash and kita pergi okay ;)