October 30, 2011

Singlet Kuning Dilitupi Telekung

Pertemuan yang tidak disangka...

Back when I was studying in Melaka, there was this one semester where we spent 3/4 of the Ramadan fasting month in college.

At the university's mosque, the tarawih is only performed 8 rakaat. Even so, I always felt reluctant to go as it was stifling hot. Berlengas, berpeluh-peluh... 

Getting used to sleeveless, one day I wore a striking yellow racer back. Yes, like the picture above. Only a bit more striking, and I was wearing a pair of long pants instead of a mini skirt.

Yes, yes, yes... I wore a striking yellow racer back underneath the white telekung. 
I walked to the mosque with a friend of mine but she didn't say anything about it so I guess it's OK.

But... When I stepped inside the mosque, sat at the very front line, not long after that a girl about my age called me.
She looked at me up and down, and said;

"Ini pakai singlet kuning ni TAK BOLEH. Lalu dekat depan muslimin nanti muslimin nampak. Telekung awak ni dah la jarang, TARIK PERHATIAN SEMUA muslimin. Memang nampak sangat singlet dalam awak ni!"

I walked back to my place, next to the friend, told the friend what the girl said, and kept silent.

Honestly, I had no intention whatsoever about getting men's attention. Seriously.
I still remembered til' this very moment how I felt that night.

I felt like leaving that very minute but I couldn't as I was shocked. Shocked. 
She accused me of trying to get men's attention! Jalang.
While praying, I couldn't stop myself from crying. 
One drop, two drops, three drops, tear drops...

Everytime I bumped into her around the university grounds, immediately a gush of hatred rushed in my heart... 
"Macamlah baaaaaik sangat!" 

*     *     *     *     *

Few weeks ago, I met the girl here, in Shah Alam. After years.

It was a Friday and I was walking to class. 
Then I saw that girl. I remembered her clearly as the girl at the mosque. But she... She remembered me as a familiar face she had always seen in Melaka. 

I reminded her I was the girl wearing the yellow singlet. She was surprised.
So I decided to come clean and told her everything. About my intention, how hot it was in the mosque, how I felt, how I felt so down and cried... And about hating her.
It felt so good being honest! 

But all in all, I thank her for being honest. And brave.
Now everytime we bumped into each other, it always felt good. There's a nice, comfortable feeling. :) 

So dear readers... I just felt like sharing. You see, you never know what might happen in the future. 

Let's just all wish for the better in life as we go on, okay. :)


Pocket said...

Nice story sis.
but she was harsh for telling u that u'r trying to get the men's attention.

i know it went well after, but still i dont think its appropriate to advise u by saying u'r up to get the attention in the mosque.

she can always say..'yo! the men will see those sis, i'd change those if i were u :)' merrily, halfjokingly,

coming clean with it is something i can never do. what did u say to her..?
'i kinda hate it that u thought i was trying to get men's attention by wearing that...'?
wah! good for u sis!!

Namee Roslan said...

hey, like seriously saya juga akan bengang tho kalau org tegur macam tu seolah dia angel. even dalam blogging ni pun sy pernah ditegur, bla bla bla.rezeki blog tak halal so whatever because im not observing my aurah. ok so i admitted that. but then i opened that girl fb acc as i remembered...oh minah tu pernah add aku la, nk pi usha sat lah. but then i was really shocked when i came to know that girl yg nasihat seolah dia malaikat tu...pegang2 tangan bf bila bergambar n she uploaded it in facebook. hey hello, bengang nya jiwa gua ni.

lepas tu i tegur lah dia psal dia tegur i tapi dia pun tak betul..then dia terus block namee. sampai sekarang.


sorry, terpanjang comment. :P

but in ur situation, mmg bagus pun u come clean dgn that girl:) so hati u tenang n dia pun tenang. tp budak yg i tegur tu, pengecut sbb dia buat salah, dia blocked I.

Yong Sofea said...

OMG, I can't put it together of how I felt after reading this post, but WOW! It just tells me that being honest is the best policy. The first time, she was honest to you, and then you were honest to her and now, no hatred between you two or anything :")

Bashtiah said...

Yes... It was really downgrading, right? Making negative assumption about people. But I'm OK now :)

Yeah. I said something sort of like this, "Saya rasa menyampah sangat dengan awak masa tu. Rasa benci. Dan awak buat saya menangis sebab tuduh saya macamtu."

I tak pernah kena tegur lagi dalam bidang blogging ni... Harap2 tak kenala macam you. Hm. Kalau nak betulkan orang, pastikan diri sendiri tu betul dulu...

Ha'ah betul, memang dah rasa tenang bila jumpa dia sebab dah habis clearkan semua :)

Yong Sofea:
Eh, it's only when you said that did I notice about it. She was honest first, then I, too, became honest with her. And yeah, that clears one dark spot in my heart already :')

Small Dolphin said...

accusing others of wanting to attract attention is very harsh.

you know when i was in boarding school,the seniors always attack my batch and told us that we were 'bla bla bla.'almost similar to your situation.and it hurts a lot.i wish i could confront them in the future.

Bashtiah said...

Small Dolphin:
Don't worry, the time where you'd confront them will come sooner or later :)