October 17, 2011

Hidup Dua Alam

Just now the whole class had an aquarobic session at the pool. I was quite excited, really. 
A few years back my mum and I used to conduct aquarobic classes for ladies in which I was in charge of the music. I would sit in front of the radio and change tracks for her. 

So yeah, I was really really really excited.
And hence I arrived at the pool quite early. Oh. I was the only one wearing a skirt. Hahah... The others wore sport attire, complete with sport shoes.
Well I thought since we're just having aquarobic, might as well wear something that's easy to change, right? Sarung aje :)

During the session I noticed a friend kept clinging to the side of the pool. And she wouldn't move even an inch away from the wall! During class too she didn't join the exercise. She only stood near the wall. And oh, do note that she's way taller than me.

Such a split personality I noticed.
She is such an outspoken person; her voice is always very loud even when talking close face to face. Moving fast here and there.
But in the water...

Everyone has their own comfort zone.

Yes I am comfortable in the water. 
But put me in the middle of a rugby field, okay wait, just put me in a gym and I would only stare at the machines not knowing for sure what to do.


Pocket said...

yes, i have to agree,
everyone with their comfort zone,
ever do a presentation?
i'd be standing still with my hand on the kotak kayu tu and will never move:D


Bashtiah said...

Hi Pocket!
Hahah... Yes we have tons of presentation here and in fact I just went through one yesterday. I, unlike you didn't stand still. Instead... My feet and hands wouldn't stay still. Hahah... The total opposite.

Namee Roslan said...

it is associated with comfort in doing things that we like and it depends on our expertise. betui dak ?? :D sama juga saya, macam yakin tapi kalau suruh beli air sirap kt pasar malam pun i was really shy to ask..bang, satu air sirap bang..simple thing tp sebab perasaan malu dan tak biasa bergaul dgn orang..tak biasa berhadapan dengan ramai2 orang.

Bashtiah said...

Yes yes yes, that's what I meant! Setiap orang ada comfort zone masing-masing depends on cara hidup kita. Ada sesetengah bahagian kita okay, ada sesetengah bahagian kita kurang okay. Depends. :)

Macam I pun kadang2 malu nak panggil orang asing 'abang' even abang jual air pun. Seriously.

Namee Roslan said...

hey bash..KL ? KL mana ? wah wah.pelanduk dua serupa nih.