October 12, 2011


Few days ago I asked my mum the direction to KUIS (Kolej Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Selangor). I know it's around my neighbourhood but since I haven't been allowed to control the steering wheel for years, I couldn't really tell the direction exactly.

I text messaged my mum:
"Mak, kat kawasan mana eh KUIS tu?"
Here came the answer:
"Buka web"

-.-" Such an answer! See what technology have made us human become? 

Just now my mum suddenly texted:
"Cuti sekolah bila?"
Oh yeah. My answer was exactly the same:
"Buka web"

... But in the end I looked it up for her anyway. School holiday's starting on 19th November 2011 if I'm not mistaken. Eh, I just realize the previous post is also about my mum! HA-HA... Well I must have been missing her a lot.


Namee Roslan said...

haha naughty nya u haha. korang nampak sgt rapat!! :D

Pocket said...

cuba la jangan kejam sangat bila jawab ngan orang tua buleh tak?

tp memang la good reply.

'Buka Web!'

Bashtiah said...

Ha'ah, memang sangat rapat! :) Tapi... Still there are things yang I xbagitahu dia. Sebab dia ialah 'mak' :p

Hahah... Yeah, kata zaman moden.