October 29, 2011

5 km Love Run

Trust me. I had on layers and layers of clothes beneath that blue oversize free t-shirt.
It was a charity run for Palestine, though I myself am not so sure in what way did we help Palestine. All I did was simply run. And walk, occasionally. Eheh.

The main thing that got me attracted to join was because of the time. It was held during the night, which means that the hot, blazing, glaring Sun finished his working hours already. And that equals to... 
NO SUNBURN! Budak tourism memang jaga kulit bak kata budak sport rec...

I went with my three other friends, in which one of them I forced into doing so. Told them we'd come for the free t-shirt and then leave. Ambil baju, makanan, kupon aktiviti, lepas tu balik... But I ended up making them finish the 5 km as well. Though not at the same time. I completed the run first among us. :) Dapat kad kuning, maknanya laju jugak kan? 

Hahah. Oh, try to guess my mantra....

Come on baby. Run baby, RUN! 
-.-" Yes, yes, yes... That was exactly my mantra to keep on running. Simple, yes. Really sissy-like, I know. But ah, as long as it gets me going. 

NITE RUN was my very first running event. Excluding school cross country running, and that was like 3 years ago pun... 
My fitness level has increased a bit, I think. As I'm able to run a longer distance without stopping now. Especially when it comes to running downhill. HA-HA. And I believe I'm starting to get addicted to it. 

It's the runner's high. And I felt it.

Now I'm thinking of a running partner, it would be so much fun running together! Oh yeah, running through a marathon with my loved one is my dream now. One day when I finally met the one. 


Pocket said...

memalam pung diorang lari gak!
susah nya kalau tv nak wat liputan live. lampu lampu lampu :)

masa lari tu bersuluh tak?

Namee Roslan said...

hey bash !! ala teringin nya nak marathon ke jogathon ke. dah lama tak sweat lah. hewhewhehw..statement last tu macam dah nak jumpa the one je tu...hewhewhew... :)

Bashtiah said...

Tak payah bersuluh pun, simply ikut orang depan je :)

Ha'ah kan, berlari malam2 apa laaa yang nampak.

Heh... Malam2 berpeluh-peluh pun tak apa sangat, gelap. Comot-comot also tak nampak punnn. ;)

Eh I belum jumpa lagi la, namee. Hahah.