September 9, 2011

Preparing For Kiddos

I got myself two kittens. I picked them up in front of a closed doughnut shop.

Mine was similar to the one in the middle. I only Google-ed because I still believe in the superstition: Jangan ambil gambar kucing nanti dia mati...
I got them for a weird reason: To prepare myself for kids.

Because... I believe that I need to train myself to get used to responsibilities. I know I shouldn't compare kittens to babies, but it's quite similar in a way, don't you think?
Kittens are very active, mischievous, and such a nuisance! 

I had to take great great care of them because there's a family of civets living on the roof. And there are also monkeys... 
No I don't live in a jungle. It's the monkeys that came to live in the city.

There's one time when I was real mad with them. I poured their food nicely on a plate, and a bowl of water for them to drink from. So nicely served.
The next thing I know, everything was jumbled up together like soup! The only difference was, the soup was on the floor instead of in a bowl. The floor was wet, and sticky. And the kittens? They were playing with each other cheerfully on the sofa. Inside the house. They made a mess outside the house and went inside to play. Senangnya hati~ I thought.
I was outraged!

THAT'S IT! I'll throw them out, send them back to their place as soon as the cat food is finished! (sebab tak nak rugi cat food tu...)

But I didn't.
Because I'm the one that picked them up. No matter how hard it is to take care of them, it's my responsibility. I'm really serious about having children when I'm married, okayyy... So yeah, practice. And train myself.

There was this one other time. You see, I never bought cat litter for my previous cats as I believe it's not natural. But I just thought I would make things a bit more proper this time. The first litter box was too small I think because the sands were all over the place, outside the litter box. Buying another box would be a waste and that time I was short of cash. I found an old chest drawer and modified it. 
Guess what? They sleep in the box. Yes. Inside the LITTER BOX.omg. 

Geram itu ya geram... But I told you I'm practicing to have children.
Say, if I have my own children, I couldn't simply throw them out right? 

Thinking about all those abortion cases, I wonder what were they thinking when they decided to abort their babies? Come on, I only picked aka pungut aka pungut those kittens and yet I felt a huge responsibility to take care of them. What more if I gave birth to another human being? Did you get my point? Well I hope you did.

"TIAH...!!!! Kucing kau tumpahkan air!"

Oh okay, got to go.


Pocket said...

yes i got your point sis,
the feeling of responsibilities,
luv for your young one, your flesh and blood. how could they?

i have to say : its their father's wrath that they come to fear, the community serong eyes <-(ya Allah mintak simpang ayat english yg tak betul nii.)
hence the abortion and the ditching into the garbage can.

what a waste. sayang kan

tunggu masa kuching kamu tak mau makan, tapi makin kurus...
pergh, rasa cam nak sumbat jer dlm perut tu ikut saluran lain.. huh!!

Eja Razif said...

i love cat too...;')

Namee Roslan said...

yay , suka datang sini. entry best. tp yela bashtiah, saya pun rasa kittens sama je macam baby cuma kalau jaga baby..kena extra careful lagi. n kitten tak payah mandi hari2. tapi concept nya sama :)

Bashtiah said...

Ha, that's exactly what I meant. You're right... It's the fear that controls their doing. The fear overpowered humanity...

Hahah.. So far they have no problem eating. Tapi tak tahu lah nanti bila..heh.

Awesome! You ada bela kucing jugak ke? Anyway thanks for following! :D

Namee Roslan:
Ha'ah, plus baby bila membesar dia berubah bentuk... Kucing besar je tapi bentuk sama je. Heh... Tapi ada je orang yang tak mandi tiap-tiap hari. Hahahah...

Anonymous said...

ko tumpahkan balik air atas kepala dia

Bashtiah said...

Sifu, itu jahat la! Habisla basah dia nanti.. aiya.

girl*einstein said...

nice entry! somehow u always manage to relate the things u do n d issues around us :) always got me smiling

Bashtiah said...

Hey, it's been quite some time since you dropped by! Thank you thank you :)

Saiazuan said...

i wanna have one at my home

Bashtiah said...

Zuan: Go get one, seronok :)

sue. said...

hello hi adorable sister... =.)

Bashtiah said...

hi sue, come again:) When I updated my blog, that is. Haha. Thanks for dropping by! :D