September 22, 2011

On Girly Girls

Yeah, about girly girly girls and the sort.

I found this written in my last semester's notebook... 
Pagi tadi abg hensem yg kita jumpa masa ceramah 'sukan untuk semua' tu jaga test kita. Suka. Sebab dia  hensem sangat dan muka macho. (This morning the handsome guy I met during a talk supervised our test. Loved it. Because he's really handsome and has a macho face.)

Can't believe I actually wrote that. That's like soooooo high school! Well, girls will still be girls la kan. Heh. But seriously, honestly, I do tend to get a bit shy sometimes around these kind of people. By 'these kind of people'I meant those who are blessed with such good looks, such good posture... But do note that everyone have different views.

Sometimes I just don't get this one thing. While I would suddenly turn shy, awkward, and stiff when encountering these kind of people, some girls would get oh-so-girly-girly, oh-so-soft-spoken, oh-such-a-bimbo, giggling here, giggling there. In short, gedik. But I believe being soft spoken and gedik are two different things. A soft spoken girl is not necessarily gedik. I have a question for you guys out there. 
Do you really, really, really get attracted to girls like these? Well I believe everyone is different, so yeah, there are possibilities that you just might love 'em.

Because I have some friends... They would automatically transform into a bimbo when encountering such situation. Like, suddenly giggling and their voice tone would differ; ya' know like "Alaaa... Iyekewww macam gituw~ hik hik hik" And the sort. I think it's annoying. But maybe it's just their nature, kut? Like, I'd turn stiff but they'd turn the opposite. 

As for me, being sandwiched in the middle between my two brothers, I am certainly not allowed to be oh-so-girly-girly in a bimbotic sense. My younger brother would hate me. I complained once about not being able to climb a tree as high as him and he went, "Kakak ni boleh tak jangan gedik sangat!". Before long, I'm halfway up the rambutan tree already to help him trim the branches.

*     *     *     *     *

Few days ago I went to support a friend in her sprinting training. They were also practicing hurdle jumps. I'm such a scaredy cat to try it out so I only sat by the track, watching. Football players were practicing on the field and suddenly the ball rolled fast out of the field, towards my direction. I quickly stood up to avoid it and stared blankly at the motionless ball which stopped a few walks away.
Oh yeah, I only stared at the ball. -.-"

"Eh, amikla! Ambik!"
Picked up the ball.
Turned back and saw one of the football players coming. 
*shy, awkward, stiff mode*
I should have just kicked the ball, or throw it towards him but no,
I walked to him and presented the ball like it's one precious thing. Sat down back on my place (but a few meters away), and looked down. Malu.

I don't usually blush but my friends said my face turned really red. I guess it must have been the effect of spending few minutes on the treadmill before that.

I couldn't recall the footballer's face but I remembered that he's really tall. It was just a short, one time moment; not even more than 5 minutes.

But there's one thing that would shoo away this shy, stiff, awkward mode of mine. The attitude. Attitude concludes a whole load of tiny stuffs but what turned me off the most is: having a big sense of pride in own self, and making it clear to others. Yes you are cute, awesome, and the sort, but being humble is the way. Oh, but that's another story. For now, let's just talk about girls and on being gedik.
So yeah, that's all about it!


Pocket said...

alah comel nyer notaaaa!!
buleh bayangkan seorang adik dok senyum sorang sorang sambil dok menulis ngan dreamy eyes nyer, sesekali mendongak keatas memikirkan apa nak dikata.. ohh..sunggoh high school.

apa salahnya bergedik sikit,
kira mcm indication la utk lelaki. like if ever pocket terjumpa kamu dan tingkah laku kamu masih lagi selamba kalu, tahulah diri ini, tak cukup ensem utk kamu :D

Bashtiah said...

Hi Pocket!
Hahahah.. Ala it's not comel, more to embarrassing! Hahah. At the age of 20+ still writing little notes, well that's something to be embarrassed of. hah.

Oh yeah, you could use that as an indication ;)

nurulSYAFIKA. said...

comel je drawings tu. mcm dlm novel la pulak cte u ni bash. haha

hafrawiey ozakawa said...

proud with ur language.good composing....nak ikut rentak akak..

p/s:done follow here..follow back taw!!

Namee Roslan said...

hahah, cute nya, ala biasa lah kita minat2 ni and adore boys. :P

eh tapi namee rimas jugak kalau ada kawan yang tibe2 tergedik bila ada lelaki handsome lalu tepi. tibe2 betulkan tudung..haha pastu gelak kuat2 lompat. euww. geli. hahah

El-Janna said...

huhuk... pernah jugak macam tu dulu.. kekakuan teserlah la.. ayoo malu... hemsem guy wu~~~

Bashtiah said...

Thank you! Well, every person has their own story ;)

Thank you hafrawiey :)

Hahah.. Kan? Memang selalu lah, minat diam-diam lepastu tulis dalam buku. Hahah... Gelak kuat2 lompat, itu pure gedik!

Heheh... Kan kan? Sama je kita :p