September 30, 2011

The Ketaq Dude

Hi all.

I've been frequenting the gym alone for quite some time now that I'm quite used to it. I gave up already on finding a gym mate as they kept on giving excuses at the last minute that most of the time I ended up going alone. (sigh) 

Asking just anyone as a companion is not a good option either... Yes I do need guidance from someone that knows better but I realized that it really does depend on the other person itself. As much as I'm willing to learn, it really turns me off when the person is more keen on showing off rather than teaching. It's annoying, really. Oh by the way, the instructors at the gym are quite helpful, actually. So I've made a point to just ask them. It's their job anyway. 

Okay back to the story.
I arrived really really really early at the gym yesterday morning. My name was second on the customers' list. And I was the first to sign out. Because I was terrified of this one body builder who kept looking at me. He looked similar to the guy in the second picture here.

While I was running on the treadmill; he came to look. 
I moved to the chest press machine; I could see his reflection at the mirror, looking at me.
I moved to the leg press machine; he came by, paused a while,  and smiled. Scary!!!
At that moment I immediately stood up, walked to the door, and leave.
Only 40 minutes. Not even 1 hour!

Chest press machine (Google)
See? It's not like I don't like going to the gym. I have to think about my safety. Like, they could easily crush me with their BIG BIG BULKY hands! 


Pocket said...

wah!! going to the gym?
good for u sis :D
i would like to go too,
am looking into this new gym nearby.
but dont have the strength to knock on the door yet :D

what is that guy's problem anyway?
want to flirt or something i'd say,
u need to be careful dik,
i dont wanna hear any, 'gym guy with broken neck beaten by a swimming instructor' as a headline on cosmo ok :D

Namee Roslan said...

the ketaq dude. haha. tapi kalau pergi gym rasa macam horror je sebab semua lenagn besar2. kalau pegang i , patah kot. hahah. plus rasa eeeuuuww sebab diorg berpeluh minyak2. haha..

Bashtiah said...

Go on, enroll yourself at the gym. It's fun! :D :D

Entah. Don't think I look attractive enough in my gym attire until the extend of him bugging me around like that..hahah.
Oh yeah, that'd be a great headline for Kosmo. HA-HA. But not the other way around lah. ;p

Oh yeah... tapi diri I sendiri pun ewww gila sebab berpeluh-peluh..heh.

gracie said...

Hahaha! The dude was probably trying to hit on you! Epic fail ketaq dude!

Bashtiah said...

Oh yeah, failed big time!