September 16, 2011

Football Match, Oh Yeah.

Yeah. Oh yeah, I went to watch a football match live in a stadium yesterday (Thursday). Stadium UiTM only...haha. Oh-so-near to college, and more importantly it was totally free! It was our own Harimau Malaya against Oman.

Here's the story...
I planned to go swimming but then a friend called and asked if I'd like to tag along. Football match? Oh okay sure. Something new. For me, that is.

The first thing that came across my mind was, what should I wear? It was my first time going to a stadium to watch football, you see, so I was a bit anxious. I've only watched a game of football from my window back when I was in my first semester. And that was only their training. Haha.

"Orang pergi tengok bola pakai baju apa?" I asked. They thought I was joking.
"Pakaila baju biru" They said. I had no idea why I had to wear blue. I had no blue shirt with me so I opt for a turquoise sweater instead.

Oh. Now I know... (Google-ed)

As a first timer, I couldn't really give a good judgement but all in all I enjoyed watching the game. The environment, the atmosphere, the crowd, the supporters (Ultras Malaya). Though I believe the Ultras should have created a chant in English too so the Oman players would understand it too. Don't you think?

A wide variety of people with a variety of behaviours went to watch the game.
A friend of mine shared one moment just now. He overheard some girls talking:

"Eh itu Apek kan?"
"Ha'ah, eh tak suka lah dia sebab dia putuskan tunang"
Ceh. And the relationship between breaking off your engagement and being a goal keeper is? Girls will still be girls, no matter if they're at a shopping mall, or at a football field. 

"Haa... Itulah girlfriend XXX (football player)!"
Obviously not focusing in the game, but more on gossips. Sigh. -.-"

BUT... I'm really impressed with some girls who watched the game in a not bimbotic way. Instead of eye-ing for cute players, they focused on the whole game itself. And they even know well the name of the players. Cool gila, I think.

"Ha... Naik lah! Bawakla bola tu naik!"
Instead of,
"Yang nombor 8 tu comel lah kan. Hehe. Kan kan?"

Lucky thing I went with my friends that view the game in a different perspective. They relate the game to what we're learning in sports science. Like why they sprayed water on the field after the first half; I was told it had something to do with game strategies. Can anyone elaborate more on this? It has something to do with a harsh way of playing. 

I'm also lucky to get a clear view of both goals by both side, and I must say I did felt proud when Harimau Malaya finally scored a goal after a lot of trials. All the other supporters, on my left, right, front, back, were jumping up and down, punching the air, screaming out of joy, but I only expressed a clap. And a high 10 (like high 5 but both hands lah) with the friends. 

Oh yeah, I'm a passive supporter. Don't bring me to support your games, you'll be demotivated

Update: I read on the paper that the result is Oman won 1-0 over Harimau Malaya. 


khairul naem said...

sbb ape die basah kan padang tu kan?? die nak kasi less friction if jatuh. then nak reduce ball bouncing. jd siram air la. :) selain nak jage kualiti rumput padang tu. :D

Namee Roslan said...

haha, kelakar lah bashtiah! :D hehe, I kalau pergi football match tentu sekali menguap banyak kali. tak minat. nk tengok cute boys pun, diorang berpeluh berminyak2. tak jadi nak sweettt sweettt pun. hahah ! btw, terima kasih forward link tu. :')

Bashtiah said...

naem: Okay itu dah satu, tapi H ada explain lain yang berkaitan dengan politik sebab at first I thought dia siram one side je..

namee: Eh i pun menguap 2 3 kali! Hahah... tapi it was fun. Fun sikit.haha... oh ur welcome ;)

Pocket said...

pocket tak penah tengok kat stadium!!
pocket tak suka orang ramai.
(Takut ponggong ku di grab<-sapeeer la nak grab pon kan.. adehlaa)

tapi pocket penah gi tengok konsert.
(Salahkan 'dia' kerana mengajak pocket)
dan pocket macam paham bila kamu sebut 'the environment, the crowd'
pasal bila ramai orang menjerit and enjoying theirself, kita yang tak la se'panas' mana ni pun turut lompat lompat :D

Bashtiah said...

Eh, punggung di grab itu scary la. I xpernah terfikir pulak sampai ke situ..

I xpernah gi concert, rasanya concert lagi padat and ramai berbanding stadium kut... bunyi pun lebih bising dan bingit.

Haa, kan? Macam terikut-ikuut dah sekali bila dh dlm suasana macamtu.

Sophie Al-Yahya said...

Bash, sophie pun tak pernah tgk football match. Bash, I have a story to share actually.. tehehe.. *sounds cheeky*

Bashtiah said...

Sophie, apa cerita itu? Nanti citela eh :D eheheee...

khairul naem said...

pasal politik tu xtau la. mayb nak bg berat sebelah kot. tp yg sy tau, utk jage padang la. tu je.

Bashtiah said...

oh okay, tq.