September 5, 2011

Doktor Dengan Doktor, Arkitek Dengan Arkitek.

...On relationships.
I heard lots of times that your partner must be your opposite, only then the relationship would be interesting. 
Find someone different! The relationship would be exciting!
Opposites are better! You complete each other!
Active with passive.

Beauty, and the beast. 

Ever heard this?
"Kalau pakwe dia hensem, yang perempuan tu mesti tak cantik"
Honestly, I've once wondered; am I the gorgeous one or the ugly one? HA-HA. 
Okay enough.

But don't you think opposites
means trouble
You don't understand each other. Seperti ayam bercakap dengan itik, like a hen talking to a duck. Cluck cluck cluck! Quek quek quek? 

Just now, a friend called and said he's having a meeting with his band at 11 pm. He was really hungry, starving, but he couldn't eat too much because his meeting is starting in less than 30 minutes. I couldn't understand what's the problem of eating a lot before a meeting

Him: Nak melalak menjerit nanti susah. 
Me: Why you kena menjerit melalak dalam meeting? (negative thoughts)
Him: Band kitorang kalau meeting memang macam ni, let out habis semua.

Suddenly I got it. Oh. -.-"
Meeting with the band. The band. Band, as in lalala~ and singing. Not meeting, as in mesyuarat. Ceh. 

See? Different views!

Based on some of my experiences, I believe we must have some similarities. Like, studying or working in the same field. Same field but different branch. Doctors and doctors, or doctors and nurses... Athletes and coaches... Well you get the idea. Similar. Just so you could understand each other better.

Arts, and the science stream people.

While one might look at a flower and think of poetic poetic songs, the other half might be thinking of factual stuff, like what species of flower is it. 
While one wanted to visit a gallery, the other half would die of boredom only by stepping 
inside the gallery.

AND... This is a bit personal, but really, going out with someone you have similarities with is actually fun. And better. You get to speak the same language instead of being confused, and maybe disgusted at each other when you just don't get his/her point. 

Example: Adam and his girlfriend (GF) were having lunch together.
GF: *Uhuk uhuk* (Adam's girlfriend choked)
Adam: Haa... That's why I cakap jangan makan sambil bercakap. Kan dah your epiglottis kelam-kabut...
GF: I batuk ni! I peduli apa pasal gepiglot apa tuh. Tau lah I tak belajar sains! Berlagak.

BUT. If we are able to tolerate the differences, then it should be no problem.

The thing is, sometimes we don't. 
And sometimes, we tolerate too much that we started to suffer alone.


Pocket said...

being in the same class,
the same course,
or the same flight is just the medium to meet him/her,
i'd say similarity is not required but understanding is.

understanding of a surirumah about her hubby working late, that he might be in the midst of something big, Najib is giving him the project of a lifetime.

understanding of the hubby to call the wife as soon as the meeting adjourn, to reach home early, she hate sleeping alone.
in the dark.


Namee Roslan said...

hahah! tapi orang kata kalau pasangan banyak persamaan, hubungan akan jadi boring..yeke? tapi i ada kawan..dia dgn bf dia banyak sama but then diorg selalu gaduh! serious. kerap gila bergaduh tapi pelik sebab kan sama so nak argue apa nya..u know why? sebab dua2 sama baran. I rasa sama je kot. depends on each individu.. tapi kalau baran tu, memang tak boleh get along..cakap i love u pun macam maki maki. hehe

El-Janna said...

must be ke? huhuk macam mane pulak dgn engineer dgn nurse??

btw nice entry for sharing^^

gracie said...

I just had to say I loved this post (and all your other posts too)! Made me pause for a while, thinking of my hubs. Different cultures, halfway across the world, opposites in so many ways yet somehow sharing similiar values. Who coulda guessed? :)

Bashtiah said...

Haa... Partly true, I think. Understanding is a must in every relationship, but getting to that point needs knowledge. I meant, knowledge in what the other person is doing. To understand something, you must learn about it first kan?

The husband must learn about the wife's behaviour (hates sleeping alone in the dark) first to understand his wife better. But I agree on your point, being in the same class etc is just a medium. ;)

Eh I xtau pulak boleh bosan ke tak... Hahah! tapi setakat ni best je dengan orang yang banyak persamaan. Pelik betul cakap i love you pun macam maki-maki. True love habis tu... wahahaa. Bergantung jugakla rasanya, ada orang sukakan kelainan. Ada orang suka persamaan.

Tak adalah must be tapi mak I pun pesan macam ni, cari yang sama. ;) Thanks to you too for commenting!

Bashtiah said...

I'm glad you loved my posts and even better when it makes you think. ;) Eh I didn't know you're married, you looked young in your profile picture! It's the values that we shared makes us happy, right. :)

Sarah Mohd Saleh said...

hahah...xte ke penyu dgn kure2 berkapel? i lah kan bile different they will complete each polan nih ade ilmu bomoh,so die boleh share dgn sipolan polan tuh ade ilmu psikik die boleh share dgn si polan yg ape yg msing2 kurang sme2 ade byk

Bashtiah said...

Ilmu psikik dengan ilmu bomoh. Bagus jugak tu ;P

syakey said...

kalau banyak persamaan pun susah. kalau takda persefahaman pun susah.

macam karier, penting jugak untuk sama sebab bila bidang yang sama, mudah kita nak memahami.

tapi dari sudut perangai, atau seangkatan, kena ada persefahaman, sama atau tak, tak kisah lahh


miZz_nizZ said...

masing2 melengkapi masing2..hehe.xkisahla ensem or x, cantek or x..hee.

Saiazuan said...

i like a different class relationship! but still didn't find one

Finaz Jaafar said...

owh perbezaan tu mungkin boleh jadi tarikan atau ketidakfahaman dalam certain cases i guess..n same goes to persamaan..could be tarikan or kebosanan as depends actually..

Pocket said...

yes, a doctor understand another doctor better, that is true.

mentioned your name twice in my latest post sis!!.

Bashtiah said...

Ha'ah la, dari segi perangai pun satu hal. I tak perasan pulak pasal tu... Thanks for highlighting that! That, is another story kut. hahah..

Heh... hensem ke, tak cantik ke, yang penting hati suda suka! :P

You'll find one someday :) But if you don't, then that must be your fate ;) Terima je. haha...

Finaz Jaafar:
Hm, depends. Betul because we're all different.

Thanks people for dropping by comments! I honor your opinions greatly! :D

Ruzanna said...

I agree with u about having similarities. tapi tak semestinya have to be in the similar fields, it can be similar interests. I remembered reading a translation dlm buku agama (or was it tafsir?!) that says,"Org yg baik hanya untuk org yang baik" dan sebaliknya.

Bashtiah said...

Betul, at least having one similarities can bond us together. Even one similarities je pun. Oh yang pasal tu I pernah dengar jugak.