September 30, 2011

Bitchy Much?

People's perception:
Girls who spend too much time with boys are wild, bitchy, and very social.
Partly true. Bukan semua.

Well, I've had some experience being surrounded by the male species.

First: I'm the only daughter in the family.

Second: During high school I went to a private tuition class with 4 boys; I'm the only girl. As a matter of fact, one of the boys' mother invited me to join in. She, invited me to join in. See? Even adults think it's okay. And mind you, the mother is a teacher teaching religious studies (ustazah). 

But of course, it doesn't mean that we had class in a closed room. The class was held at the dining hall, and we always switch between his house and my house. Like today at his house, then the next class at my house. My mum's also okay with it.

I also walked to and from school with these two boys who were my neighbours. One of whom were the one I had the private tuition class with. I also played badminton with them    every evening. Though they always refuse to play with me as they said I'm not their standard. -.-"

Third: I trained for my lifeguard cert with 15 men. There were only 5 women including me. The training took 3 weeks, 8am-5pm, Monday to Friday, and there was this one week where I was the only woman present for training. So yeah, 15 men 1 women. I didn't felt terrified though as my mum was  one of the trainers, and she too was the only woman trainer. Like mother like daughter huh? One whole week I trained with 15 men! 

But I did felt proud. Training dengan lelaki-lelaki gagah perkasa? They did 600 meters non stop, I also did 600 meters non stop. Like, we're so equal man! Si kecil=Gergasi.

Fourth: During first semester of degree, my group members consist of all men. It just so happened that we were all in the same boat. Means that we're in the same condition lah. Because we had a load of things and matters to settle, which wasn't faced by the others. As a result, I became closer to them compared to the others. But up til' now I've never had any special feelings towards any of them. Ha-ha. Well it's because we're friends kan

The downside: At first they did treat me like a woman. "Kesian lah kau, tak apa biar aku buatkan", "Berat ni, kau mesti tak larat"... Soon, "Ah kau mesti boleh punya!" 

And before long they started treating me like one of them. Mengorat gadis-gadis...
"Hai dik, sorang-sorang aje ke???"
And I added,
"Berat lah barang tu... Tak letih ke dik?!" (Eh... Me, a woman, making fun of another woman?)

Oh I must admit being surrounded by the male species does make me feel like a princess. Hahah. Okay sekarang ini gedik. And also makes me feel special. You're protected. I know a few people who admit they didn't dare come near me as I have bodyguards. Heh.

I remembered one time I was with the guys and one of their friends went:
"Woit woit, sape tu? Kenalkan la wehhh!"
And he said "Ah tak payah! Kau bukan boleh harap pun" then told me to ignore that guy.
Bagus kan?

There must be limitations.
When there's no limitation, only then la you call the girl a bitch.


Sarah Mohd Saleh said...

sgt bestttttt dikelilingi oleh lelaki2 perkasa.trase mcm diberi perhatian sepenuhnyaaaa

Namee Roslan said...

haha, eh terasa dalam hati. I ada perception macam tu lah bash. bagi I kalau yang himpit2 dalam kereta..I mean 4 boys n 1 girl shrinking in one car...tu mmg lah gedik. :P then lepak mamak macam tu. nampak macam gadis gatal. :P em but maybe its only a bad impression because i never did that. so apa yang kita tak buat, orang lain buat kita rasa jahat. benda jahat kita buat kita rasa cool. unfair huh? as long as niat betul , should be ok kan. :)

Bashtiah said...

Eh tak adalah best sangat2 pun...hahah.

Haa, itu betul. I pun ada bad perception on girls yang macamtu. Kalau itu memang gedikla, duduk himpit2 dalam kereta and lepak kat mamak, and gelak2 bertepuk tampar sana sini. Hm bagi I, kena tengok situation. Kalau setakat buat group assignment/discussion kat library tak ada masalah. ;)

hamzah ian said...

mmg gagah perkasa

Bashtiah said...

Hamzah: Yela, memang gagah.