September 21, 2011

Ala Dah Biasa

My mum said she didn't feel anything upon seeing me teaching swimming last week.
"Tengok Tiah ajar berenang mak tak rasa apa pun"

I thought what she meant was she already trusted me. But no. It's like this; 
"Alaa, I've been there. I know how it feels." 

Tak ada rasa apa-apa.

I didn't get her point until I went swimming just now. I no longer have to be a lifeguard at the pool; I'm now just like you, have to pay 50 cent to enter and could only swim during ladies sessions. Oh yeah, now I'm free to go swimming. No need to duty. Heh.

This is the first ticket I received in semester 1. Up til' now, I've only paid 4 times I think. For the past two semesters, masuk adalah percuma! :p
Most of the lifeguards on duty were new lifeguards. Each one of them guarding one side. While I'm doing water treading at the deeper end, one of them paid close attention to me because the chances of drowning at the deeper end is higher. (duh!)
Well, I used to be like that. 

And then it hits me: I used to be like that! 
That's exactly what my mum must have felt when seeing me teaching swimming the other day. Been there, done that. Now I know such feelings.

I've experienced being a lifeguard before. So seeing the new lifeguards left me not wondering about them. Like, not wondering about how it feels. Because I know how it feels. It doesn't mean I'm bored of being a lifeguard, it's just that I know how it feels so it doesn't make me wonder too much.
No wonder=tak ada rasa apa-apa 
Got it?

In the changing room I met two girls and they asked me if I'm UiTM's swimmer. HA-HA. Seriously, I laughed BIG time! I said I swim for recreation only, and to release stress. I didn't say I'm an instructor but I told them I used to be a lifeguard here.
"Best tak jadi lifeguard?"
"Taklah, bosan! Bukan boleh swim pun... Tengok orang je"

Yes, dear people. It's a boring job.

Before I became a lifeguard, I used to wonder a lot how it feels. During training, the lifeguards' high chair was my main motivation. I think it's really cool, and ada gaya. The uniform is oh-so-cool; t-shirt written LIFEGUARD ON DUTY and short pants. Macam cool. Macam baywatch. HA-HA.

And only a lifeguard have the authority to sit on the high chair. Heh. But I never really wanted to be a lifeguard actually, I wanted to be a swimming instructor. Hence I didn't bother to go further up to Bronze Cross, Merit, or Distinction. All I wanted is to be a good swimming instructor. 

Upon hearing friends' comments about wanting to duty to get money, but didn't get the chance to as it's full already, it just makes me think again, 'been there, done that'

I believe I've duty-ed enough already. I've helped save one life, I've dealt with cramps at various sites, I've dealt with stubborn visitors who wear t-shirt into the pool, and did I tell you that I've tried duty-ing during the men's session?
YES. Twice. 

First, I stayed inside the lifeguard room.
Second, I sat outside at the spectator area. The side with the spectators seating. Oh yeah, I sat there. Keeping a close eye on the men. I'm just doing my job... And honestly, I did notice most of them swimming to the first lane closer to where I was staying. Such a show off, or simply trying to impress in which it didn't work. Stroke cik abang ni tak cantik sangat la~ Malu aje.
Thank goodness no one pretended to be drowning. I guess they weren't confident I could save them. Heh.  

There's just tooooo much experience and I couldn't possibly include it all here. But all in all, two semesters being a lifeguard in UiTM has taught me a whole load! And it's now time for me to start my own, hence i-Renang. :)

Priuuuu..... Priuuuu..... Priuuuuuuuuuu.....

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Anum said...

for healthing

Namee Roslan said...

eh ur mum pun lifeguard juga ke dulu Bashtiah? woh, interesting. kenapa x best jd lifeguard, seronok je duduk kat kerusi tinggi tu ! hahah :D nampak hebat. tapi kalau lelaki jadi lifeguard, memang senang lah nk mengintip bikin girls. hehe

Bashtiah said...

Yes yes, so true.

Hi namee! Mak i cikgu swimming jugak ;) heh... Memang hebat, tapi bosan... hahah.

Sophie Al-Yahya said...

Bash, true..

been there, done that. hahah! feeling sama doh baca entry ni.hihi.

gracie said...

Lifeguarding may be boring, but at least you get to look cool! Go i-Renang!

Bashtiah said...

Haa... Tau takpe! Ada jugak orang yang rasa sama macam Bash.

Thank you Gracie!