August 18, 2011

Why UiTM Perlis?

UiTM Perlis is opening it's doors to Bachelor of Sports Science students this coming semester (September). The closing date for application is 23rd August 2011.

Honestly, I could't help but feel a strong urge to transfer there. Just for the sake of experience. *Ahem* Okay, for the sake of getting more freedom, actually. The further from home the better... Ahah!Plus, I'm thinking about a change of environment. Starting all fresh in a new place, new environment.
There's one thing I needed to confirm first. Is there a swimming pool at the campus?
I asked a friend and he told me to Google myself. Ceh. Not helping.

I didn't have a clear picture of UiTM Perlis so I keep on wondering if studying there is actually better. I keep on wondering is this UiTM Perlis a new branch campus or what? I've been to UiTM Arau before but I've never been to UiTM Perlis.

Think... Think... Think...
Oh. Such a bimbo. UiTM Arau IS UiTM Perlis.  -.-"

I've been there before, around 2009 for this one debate tournament, Arau Open.

The only memories I had of UiTM Arau/ UiTM Perlis in 2009:

The most ridiculous motion I've ever debated
This House Believes That (THBT) The Pope Should Get Married
And we actually WON that round. 
Talking about telling Pope to get married just so he could have children to take care of him.

The most ridiculous WOW statement I've ever started debating with
THBT The Paparazzi Should Leave Britney Spears Alone
I actually sang, "Hit me baby one more time!!" before starting with my points. Eh points? Or was I the third speaker? (Tina, if by any chance you're reading this, please oh please, do remind me!) ... But I clearly remember myself singing out loud that one line. Such confidence, don't know where that came from... HA-HA.

And what I remembered the most about UiTM Arau is... JAUH SANGAT!!! It's really, really, really FAR! I remembered sleeping in the bus and waking up two times yet we're not there yet. More than 10 hours of journey! VERY FAR.

And as far as I remembered, there's no swimming pool to be seen. Too lazy to Google, I asked the lecturer in charge myself.

"Kolam renang ada di luar kampus...", was the reply.

Oh. So... No pool, no way I'm going there. More than 10 hours of journey. No way. 
I could tolerate the long journey, though. Provided if there's a swimming pool AND if I own a car.

Unfortunately, no. So yeah, hello again Shah Alam. 


Aisyah Ahmad said...

jauhnya perlis..bash dan pool tak boleh dipisahkan..hehehe

Bashtiah said...

Aisyah: Tau takpe ecah... Lagi jauh, dulu kita kat Melaka je.

Tina said...

that's my hand on the right of the first picture!! XD
how about you ask Bear if that place has a pool?
this post really brings back memories, teammate! :)

Bashtiah said...

Tina: Hello, hello, hello!!! Yes, that's definitely your hand! :D Eh, was I the third speaker for the Britney round? Couldn't remember...hahah..

Anonymous said...

UITM Arau memang tak ada swimming pool punn , ada track lari je . Kalau ada pun kat kangar , about 20minutes from arau . Jauh sangatt .

Bashtiah said...

Amalina Jo: Ha'ah.. I asked a friend, dia pun kata jauh.....!

Bashtiah said...

Amalina, lupa pulak. Thanks for the info! :D

.izzati liyana. said...

oh, takde eh kat uitm arau? tapi rasanya budak sport situ mmg famous. stay sajelah shah alam. dekat dengan segalanya. tapi boring gak sebenarnya shah alam ni. and and we can't change campus aite? rasenye dah keluar pekeliling tu. kalau stay shah alam, boleh jumpa. :)

syakey said...

tapi perlis aman lagi damai. haha

Bashtiah said...

Izzati liyana: Betul lah, kadang-kadang bosan jugak shah alam ni sebab padat sangat... Eh bolehlah lepak sama buka sem nanti! ;D

Syakey: Ya, ya... Aman di hujung sana. Hahahah... :P