August 29, 2011

Aku Anak Perempuan.

Of being a daughter.
My mum, I believe, has a unique way of bringing up her one and only daughter. (In a good way lah) 

Instead of bringing me to boutiques, jewellery shops, spas, and other womanish womanish shops, she brought me to hardware shops, tile outlets, and other manly manly shops.
Instead of bringing me to shop for make ups, clothes, and handbags, she brought me to buy tiles, hammer, wood planks, nails, bolts and nuts, PVC pipes, and tiles. We renovated and repaired our house ourselves. (We changed our bathroom tiles ourselves too.)

Kereta penuh dengan pasir kasar, pasir halus, dan simen. Instead of kasut tinggi, tas tangan, dan gaun berlabuci.
Early in the morning today (Sunday), she took me along to our neighbours' house to do plumbing. And let me do it. Oh yea. She could have asked my brothers to do it but no, she took me along. Her one and only daughter. Anak gadis sunti ini...

Oh yea, so my mum changed the broken sink water tap while I replaced the old toilet water hose with a new one. Hard to explain lah, here here, it looks like the picture below. I Google-ed, easier for you to imagine.

The one in the toilet.
Buka saluran panjang kuning tu lepas tu ganti yang baru.
Okay guys you might think it's easy peasy as simple as popping a pimple. But hey! It was really, really, really tight you know! And you have to really know what type of tap connector to use. And and, kudrat ku kudrat perempuan yang lemah huu~

After I'm sure everything's tight, *proud*, I turned on the tap just to make sure there wasn't any leaks. 
"Auntie, auntie, dah bukak main pipe?"
"Dah, dah!"
Turn on tap. Leaking.

Okay, okay... Disassemble again. Pulas, pulas... Letih. 
"Auntie, auntie, cuba bukak main pipe!"
"Dah, dah!"
Turn on tap.
NO WATER coming out.
Oh maybe there's something stuck at the tap itself, I thought. So I disassemble the tap itself. Still no water coming out. Okay dah gelabah...

I went to check the main water supply tap.
Bukak la sangat... The main water supply tap was closed! No wonder lah kan tak ada air. Gosh. -.-"

We didn't charge the auntie for our service, but she gave us two boxes of dates for free which is worth RM 24, fruits, and frozen curry puffs in return of our service. :) 

Hardware shop here, hardware shop there... But it doesn't mean that I'm not taught all those basic skills a woman should have like cooking and sewing. 

Tomorrow would be the last day of Ramadhan. Too busy repairing the house that we just bought our Raya clothes today. I now have 4 meters of cloth to be made into a baju kurung. Good news is we'd have to sew it ourselves... Oh yea. Haha. Selamat Hari Raya. :)

Pagi jadi plumber. Petang jadi tukang masak. Malam jadi tukang jahit.
Serba boleh, kan? Sebab tu I rasa I layak minta wang hantaran tinggi-tinggi...

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Anum said...

hebatnya dia

gracie said...

Wah, you are a Jill of all trades. Your mom has raised you well! Congrats on 100 followers and Selamat Hari Raya!!

bukan photographer said...

hebat...kalau paip rumah aku bocor nnt aku panggil ko jela..haha..

Bashtiah said...

Anum: Tak hebat sangat... Baru belajar ;D

Gracie: Thank you! Oh yeah, she's a Supermum. ;)

Bukan: Ha.. boleh, tapi bayarla :p

Yong Sofea said...

Oh my god. serba boleh sangat! I can't imagine myself doing those things especially kerja paip. Bash memang deserves duit hantaran tinggi! dah lah pandai swimming semua. salute!

hamzah ian said...

serius ur family bagus

Namee Roslan said...

hebatnya kamu. tukar tile sendiri? macam mana nk pecahkan tiles tu, tak luka tangan ke? wah, ey btw u patut share gambar2 kerja u dengan kami semua! would be interesting! :D

Bashtiah said...

Yong: Thank you :) About duit hantaran tinggi tu it's a joke je, but yeah, it's partly true right? Because you're also paying for a plumber. Hahah... ;p

Hamzah: Bila nak jimatkan kos memang semua kena belajar buat sendiri. Tq, anyway. ;)

Namee: Hee... Ada cara dia, tapi mungkin ada yang lebih proper. Macam kitorang buat, ketuk paku pada penjuru tiles baru kopek. Oh, gambar sikit-sikit tu adalah. Nanti i tambah, tq! ;)