July 1, 2011


Sacrifice + Satisfaction.
There are some things in life which you have to sacrifice.

I'm no exception.
But there are certain times when I do get fed up of always having to sacrifice.

Sacrificing weekends.
My weekends are FULL. Completely booked for swimming classes all the way. Pagi petang kolam. There are times when I feel so down, so demotivated... There are a whole load of events which I have to let pass just because of swimming classes. It's as if I'm sacrificing my youth. Weekends are the days when you go out and have fun with your family and friends.

One more...
Semua orang nak cantik. Including me. Hah.
But having to teach from 4 pm to 6 pm at an outdoor pool twice a week gives me sunburn. And also left me with a dry skin. Badan bau klorin tak payah cerita haa... Swimming a lot does turn you into a fish, eh no, a mermaid. Because when you swim a lot, your skin tend to be so dry and yeah, your skin started to look like scales. Kulit kering kan bersisik~ My good companion for dry skin is extra virgin olive oil. Yes, minyak zaiton. Oh yeah... Every night I'll massage olive oil all over my body. Mandi minyak... Hahahah... And of course, I did use tomatoes to reduce blackheads.

I believe when you are passionate about something, you are willing to sacrifice some things just to get that feeling of satisfaction.

Basically these two things are what I've to sacrifice. Relaxing weekends and fair complexion. There are other things, of course. But the things I felt so deeply intense about are these two things. My weekends, mostly.

I had this one vow: I won't get married before I have my own swimming pool. (Tapi kalau dah jodoh nak buat macam mana kan...) I know to make a swimming pool is a bit costly... Okay, VERY costly. But that's the best solution.


Yong Sofea said...

Sekarang macam baru paham kenapa ur blog background is blue in colour. It resembles the coulour of the pool ain't it?! Hihi.

Best apa Bash, hari hari masuk kolam, bukan semua orang dapat pengalaman. Doing the thing that you love, dibayar pulak tu.

Andd, boleh tambah pengalaman sebab mengajar.

Be happyyyyyy k Cikgu Bash!~ :D

Bashtiah said...

Hi Yong!

Yes yes, you guessed that right. :) Thank you Yong, I guess I really should be thankful kan. Buat benda yg disukai, dan dapat duit. heh. Thank you!

~AiNa~ said...

bash kesiannye bdn kering2 sumer. taip2 kali lps mndi bash gune ni laa alaa ape dah name dia lupe pulak aina nk sebut ape tddd. haaa! scrub! hehe:D
lps dah sabun bilas2 lps tu tepek scrub pulak bash lps tu bilas2 lps tu dah la hehe :DD

Bashtiah said...

Hehee.. thank you Aina! Tapi nak tunggu bulan puasa ni, baru repair betul-betul... Dah repair kulit, masuk kolam lagi... huu~