July 7, 2011

On Swimming And Sexyness

Baju renang muslimah, the best option for Muslim women who wanted to have fun in the water while at the same time still covering their aurat. 

It was only yesterday, though, that I came to know of the name of this one type of Muslimah swimwear, which is called a burqini(click for a detailed info). Thanks to this one blog reader, Adam Idris, who told me about it. Came another comment from another reader, Qarr, saying, "Still nampak bentuk badan". Such a provocative statement. 

Thinking logically... It doesn't matter what you wear, when you get into the water, the clothes you're wearing would still stick to your body, thus revealing whatever your body shape is. But at least when a woman wear a burqini, she covers everything. 

Tak nampak kulit badan, hanya nampak bentuk. (Okay this suddenly remind me of Namee's post on kalkulator dosa pahala)


I found these two pictures when Google-ing for burqini. Now you tell me, how are they going to swim the breast stroke? Kalau nak kaki tersangkut-sangkut kat baju tu buatlah...

AND... For your information, there have been one real life case of near drowning of a woman wearing a burqini. When she dived into the water, her burqini went up and covered her face. Ha habisla jadi hantu selimut! The burqini was very loose, you see... So when she dived in, whoooosh! Up the clothes went and covered her face. 

Speaking from a swimming instructors' perspective (cewahhh....!), me myself don't really prefer woman to wear a burqini, or baju renang muslimah. I don't think it's practical enough. But I'm not supporting Muslim women to wear bikinis either.

Not all burqini or baju renang muslimah is not practical. You just have to be a little bit choosy. 

But if you don't prefer wearing a burqini but would like to still cover your aurat from the opposite gender, go swimming in your own bathtub. HA-HA. Okay this is a silly joke. -.-"

There are a lot of swimming pool nowadays which have a special session for ladies only. So during that session, ladies, you can wear absolutely any type of swimwear you wanted! Go sexy! Even I had two swimming suits. One fully covered, but not a burqini, and another one which is a bit more revealing. 

So it depends. It's your choice. :)

So ladies, tiada lagi alasan untuk tidak berenang.


Anum said...

nice2 bleh tutup aurat ya

Adam Idris said...

owh you mentioned me, hehe thanx :)
erm i rajin gak pergi swimming and gambar swimming suit alternative warna biru tu memang ramai org pakai skrg, especially kaum ibu,
tapi nowadays public pool ada buat time utk wanita sahaja, so xpayah ber burqini bagai..hehe

Bashtiah said...

Anum: Betul tu, sangat nice.

Adam Idris: Yalah, i dapat idea dari u kan. Ha'ah kemudahan dah disediakan, yang perempuan ni patut gunakan kesempatan masa yang dah diberi tu.

y u y u Z u l a i k h a said...

heheheh.. tapi tapak kaki ^^

Bashtiah said...

Hi yuyu!
Oh ha'ah...heh. Tak apa, terus cepat-cepat masuk dalam air. ;)