July 17, 2011

Kalau Kita Mengajar Ikhlas

Murid-murid pun akan suka. :)

My students gave me presents yesterday.

Last two weeks they(the two girls are siblings) told me they wanted to give me a present. I told them it's okay, they don't have to. Though deep inside my heart I was really really REALLY happy. Hahah...

By the end of the class, they came to me:
Student: Cikgu, cikgu.../ Teacher, teacher... 
Me: Oh, nak bagi sekarang ke?/ Oh, do you want to give it(the present) now?
Student: Eh tak, saya nak cakap terima kasih sebab ajar saya berenang./ Eh no, I want to thank you for teaching me swimming. *salam cium tangan*


The following week they didn't came to class. So I thought it's okay... The best prize a student can give their teacher is their success. So yeah, I don't really mind if there's no present. Honestly.

Yesterday the siblings came. They told me they wanted to give me something at the end of the class. Heh.

I didn't expect much so after the class I took my own sweet time being inside the water. Then my student came, holding a piece of A4 paper on her back. Comel. :)

Oh a piece of paper, I thought. 

"Cikgu ni tak naik-naik pun..." their mum told me they complained to her. Children, they are always so cute and innocent. So naive. They must have waited ages for me to get out of the pool so they can give me that piece of paper, I thought.

Oh oh oh... Bukan sehelai kertas aje tahu! DUA helai kertas tau...

First paper (front)
Untuk cikgu tiyah (For teacher tiyah)

Second paper (back)

Cikgu tiyah saya minta maaf tau. Cikgu tiyah saya minta maaf sangat-sangat. i <3 U cikgu tiyah. Tanda tangan cikgu tiyah. (Teacher tiyah I'm sorry. Teacher tiyah I am so sorry. i <3 U teacher tiyah. Teacher tiyah's signature.)

For what reason I have to sign there I don't know. Pemikiran kanak-kanak kecil kan... But I signed anyway. And I'm going to show them today that I signed already.

Oh, and you are so wrong if you think they only gave me papers. 
Souveniers from Kuching, Sarawak.

Last week my mum joked saying they didn't came to class because they were looking for presents to give me. Heh. It's true in a way. They went to Kuching for a vacation last week and they got me souveniers. 

I'm touched. Thinking that they actually thought of me while being in Kuching made me feel appreciated.

i <3 U teacher tiyah. 
That one made me touched. It's been a while since someone said that to me. :')


NUR said...


..hizamirahim.. said...

bukan nilai hadiah tu.
tapi pemberian tu.

aisyah ahmad said...

yes cikgu tiyah :)

Bashtiah said...

NUR: Oh tadi I dah tanya kenapa kena sign? Dia cakap saje je..haha~ kanak-kanak kan..

hizami: Betul, pemberian dan ingatan. Jangan jadi cikgu yang materialistik. ;)

aisyah: hahahahah..tiy-yah! :P

Thanks for commenting you guys!

Sophie Al-yahya said...

sweet giler bash. T_T

btw, i really miss u lah bash =)

hamzah ian said...

bestnya jadi cikgu..

Bashtiah said...

Sophie: Comel je kan..hehee... I MISS U TOO! sangat rindu beraksi di kolam sama2...

Hamzah ian: Haah sebab dapat hadiah. hahah....

Sarah Mohd Saleh said...

*tacinggg.,.how sweet they are...;)

Bashtiah said...

itu ah tuh, comel je :D

ILA HonEyBuNNy said...

untung cikgu yer....;-)

mesti rasa diri ne di hargai kan..;-)

Bashtiah said...

ILA: Hehee.. betul, sangat2! :D

Masrudy Omri said...

Kesian dia, sempat color UNTUK je. :P

Bashtiah said...

Hahah.. Rudy, I only notice it when you mentioned about it! Hahaha...