June 11, 2011

Ready To Fly

There are some things in life which we delay to do later...
We feel that we still have time to do it, so we keep on delaying.

Until the time comes when we have no choice but to do it.

I took this quote from the movie Paulie, about a parrot who can talk but couldn't fly as he's afraid of heights. He finally forced himself to learn how to fly because it's the only way he could search for his long lost best friend.

* * * * *

Today was the last class in Shah Alam and I won't be teaching there anymore until the new semester starts.

If not for a contract that needs us to register our company legally, i-Renang would never be registered... And I would never push myself to learn Adobe Photoshop to design the logo. I keep on delaying because I felt comfortable with my current state. Complacent.

All this while I keep on waiting, actually. Waiting for the perfect time to really really focus on it. When I'm really ready. But if I waited, that time might never come. Because I never know when exactly am I really ready...
Do you know?

I don't know what is prepared for me in the future. I never know exactly.

But now, after looking back at the past, all the things that happened for the past few months, I started to realize... Everything happened for a reason. It was all perfectly planned.

Now I know it's the time already. The time has come for me to fly on my own.


syahidahfouat said...

All the best Bash :)

Bashtiah said...

Thank you syahidah!