June 6, 2011

Padahal Cikgu Renang Je...

I had to take the LRT to class a few days ago as I went for an outing with my friends. I had too much fun with them that I forgot the time so I had to really really rush. By the time I arrived at the counter I was panting heavily. Termengah-mengah...

There were two counters but as I was too tired and out of breath, I didn't realize the next counter was already free. The Ticketing Officer(TO) had to call me, only then I notice. I was blur and pointless for a few seconds.

Me: *panting, out of breath* Sungai... Besi.
TO: Berapa?
Me: Huh?.. Oh. Satu. *still panting*
TO: Macam nak cepat je... Kenapa?
Me: Ada kelas pukul 4 ni!
TO: Oh... Kirim salam lecturer eh. *smiling sheepishly*
Me: SAYA cikgunya. *hurriedly left the counter*

Upon saying that, somehow I felt a bit shy. He must have thought I'm a lecturer. When truth is I'm just a swimming teacher. Hahah... Oh, after all those adrenaline rush, when I finally arrived at the pool... PAM KOLAM ROSAK.

The class was cancelled.


Yong Sofea said...

it's okay what. orang kata cakap empat puluh kali jadi doa. nanti entah2 jadi lecturer betul. haaaaa.

Bashtiah said...

Hahaha.. Aminn! :)