June 9, 2011

Kulit Putih Gebu. Nak? (Beauty Tips!)

I’ve always wanted a very fair skin, as in very very fair. Fair AND soft. Just like a baby’s skin. I’m not sure how to translate putih gebu in English, but just imagine Snow White.

Okay, so I have one tip for a soft, subtle, and fairer skin. I’ve tried it already and it works for me. Hopefully it’d be the same for you.

This tip was given by my mum and I’ve tried it already. And because it works, I’ve decided to share it with you! But… Take note that you have to do it frequently okay. Rajin, jangan malas-malas!

Mesti rajin. MESTI!

It's very very very simple.

All you need is yogurt. Any brand can do. Cheapo brands can be used as well. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s yogurt. And oh, your face. Duh! Of course lah you need a face, kan…

It’s very easy. Just put the yogurt on your face. Smear the yogurt on your face while at the same massage it. Well just so that the yogurt can penetrate deep into your skin.

Ha’ah, lumurkan aje yogurt tu di mukamu…! Mudah bukan?

And let it dry. When it’s dry, rinse it off with water. Then, pat your face with a towel. Remember to pat. Pat means, you touch your face skin lightly with the towel. NO RUB RUB okay. Eh I suddenly remembered something about pads! HAHA!

There was this one time(high school) where a company producing pads came to our school. The teacher announced during assembly "Untuk perempuan sahaja ye. Ini tentang pad. P A D ye, bukan P E T." We all laughed...

After the announcement, we heard two girls talking. One of them couldn't catch up the joke. My best friend, Tita and I heard their conversation clearly.

Girl 1: Apa cikgu cakap tadi?
Girl 2: Cikgu cakap 'Ini tentang pad. P A T, bukan P E D.'
Girl 1: Oh. (Still blur. Obviously she couldn't get the joke!)

Tita and I burst out laughing! We were like "Omigod! Padahal dua-dua pun salah lah omigod..! Bodo gilerrr..." *Yeah those days I did use OMG a lot... And 'gilerrr' as well.*

So… Basically that’s it. But you have to do it frequently. Okay. I did it 2 days ago and today I did it again.
My skin does feel softer. Suka.

The one I'm using is Marigold low fat yogurt and mixed berries. While eating it, my mum told me to leave some for my face. I stored it back into the refrigerator and when the time came to use it for facial, honestly, I almost felt like eating it! I was thinking, such a waste to put this yummy yogurt on the face... Tapi sebab nak cantik kan~

Happy trying! Good luck!


syahidahfouat said...

wowww, sounds interesting :DD

Stacey (aka UltraPrincess) said...

Would that work on oily skin?

Bashtiah said...

Syahidah: Oh yes yes, you should try it!

Stacey: I'm not so sure but it's very good on dry skin as it moisturizes as well.

Yong Sofea said...

Nice tip! I'll definitely try this next time I buy yogurt~ :D

Bashtiah said...

Cool! And after trying it, maybe you can tell me about it. If it works on everyone.