June 10, 2011

Finally Registered!


i-Renang is registered already! As in REGISTERED legally, officially. Yay!

Went to the Companies Commission of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur just now to register the business and OMG I was so excited and relieved! I think it's quite easy lah to register a business. Seriously! You only have to fill in two forms(which is given free at the counter) and prepare one IC photocopy. Pay RM70 and ta-da! The business is legal already!

But like mum said, starting is easy, but keeping it going is hard. I think it's just like blogging.

Starting a blog is easy, but maintaining it is hard.
Don't you think?

But somehow i-Renang have to be registered as i Renang as no dash (-) is allowed.

While registering at the counter, a woman at the back(behind the counter are a few other workers) asked us if she could learn swimming while wearing hijab, the one which came with a muslimah swimming suit.

Such a business minded person, I immediately said "Eh boleh, boleh! Memang boleh je!" (look at mum, whispered 'Mak! Business card, business card!') and gave 3 business cards to the man at the counter. Later on I asked mum why 3 cards? She said one for the man, one for the woman who asked, and another one for the woman's friend sitting a few desks next to her. Oh okay. So mum counted already... Heh.

Upon seeing our business card, the man said it's okay to have a dash (-) in our logo. Hihi~

We were so confident of the name i-Renang that we printed our business card even before registering the business.

* * * * *

Now that i-Renang is registered, I believe I must work harder. Though registered under my mums' name, it's not hers' alone. It's ours. It's a family business.

I know there are other swimming academies out there that are way advanced than us but it's okay. It's my dream to have my own swimming academy and i-Renang is a start. A kick-start.

I actually felt a bit inferior though as I'm no swimmer material. I've only entered one swimming competition, and that was inter-faculty je pun... Oh, neither did mum. Both of us are no swimmer material. That's why the motto is 'Your body. Your mind'. We believe in swimming for health. Overall health.

Sure I'll be busier after this. Mum requested a webpage. And flyers.
I know i-Renang is going to be a big name one day in the swimming arena. I just have to work harder.

Do support us!

*Psst... Minta-mintalah dengan daftar hari Jumaat ni dapat keberkatan. ;)


Sophie Al-yahya said...

Alhamdulillah Bash..

bagusnyaaaa.. =) nanti boleh promote.hehe..

btw, Sophie pun nak buat business card. haritu dah design tp buang sbb ingtkan mcm takkan guna.sekali menyesal pulak.hehe..

syahidahfouat said...

wow bashh ! congratttsss :DDD

Bashtiah said...

Sophie: Ha'ah, Sophie... Syukur sangat. :) Bash pun nk buat business card, sekarang duk jaja mak punya je~ Hihi.

Syahidah: Thank you! ;D

The Green Girl said...


Bashtiah said...

Thank you GG!

aisyah ahmad said...

tahniah bash..
good luck :)

Bashtiah said...

Tq ecah! ;D