June 1, 2011

Admirer Aku

I bumped into a high school crush yesterday. 3 years have passed and he still remembered my name. I had this happy feeling after meeting him. Seriously, berbunga-bunga~

I thought; Awesome! I must have meant something to him. After all these years he still remembered my name! (Because me myself forgot his name already. Only now I remember...)

Guess what? He passed by my mum after meeting me and she heard his conversation with his friend:

Friend: Sape tadi tu?
Ex-crush: Admirer aku...
And they both laughed. Ceh.

Talk about embarrassment. He could just simply said 'Junior aku kat sekolah dulu...' MALU. MALU SANGAT.

Besides, I didn't really admire him that much anyway. He was the one who kept bugging me around, asked people to send me his regards, waited for me outside the library, hid my water bottle everyday... Smiled at me when we met at the hallway... HE started it all first.

Oh yea. I suddenly remembered I asked for his number once and got rejected. Ha-ha. Back then, he was the schools' sportsman, the schools' STAR... While I was just a new girl in that school. Such high confidence I have there... Heh.

Lucky thing days after the embarrassing moment I received a letter to further my studies in a university in Malacca. So basically I only spend 3 weeks at that school. I get to save myself from further embarrassment. Ehee...

Well I guess it's an honour to be remembered by someone I've known for only three weeks after three years of not meeting. Hah.


aisyah ahmad said...

hebat bash..hehehe:)

Bashtiah said...

Hahah.. Malu la ecah oii~