June 12, 2011

12:1, Belalai Gajah, and Kaki Kipas

12 students to 1 teacher.

The students are all oh so so small children. Very active.
Adding to the challenge, the pool is so deep even I couldn't reach the bottom. I have to stand on tip toes all the time!

Starting from yesterday, the class was held at another swimming pool as like I've stated in my previous post, the swimming pool's pump is not working, which in return resulted in a dirty swimming pool.

Honestly, I don't really like this new swimming pool.
It was too deep. And at the side of the pool, at the pool's wall, there wasn't any place to hold. I mean, there were only flat tiles so it was hard for them to hang on to the pool side. Like yesterday, while holding on to the wall, one of my students slipped. Lucky thing yesterday I had my younger brother to assist me.

A good swimming pool must have this sort of drain to hold on to it.

Today my younger brother assisted mum as she needed him more. Mum's shorter than me, you see... Hence today I was left alone to handle 12 children. Okay at first I only have 8 students, but one instructor quit so I had to take in more. Yesterday was a bit chaos as I didn't expect the pool to be so deep. I wasn't prepared yesterday.

BUT today... I brought one secret weapon.

A swimming noodle!
Or 'belalai gajah' (elephant trunk), like the children call it. -.-"

My swimming noodle looked just like the one in the picture, there's a hole in the middle. Just like a straw. My students were very curious, they asked a lot of question... They saw the hole and asked what is it for?

So I said the hole in the middle works just like a sumpit. And I actually blew the water out of the noodle to one of my students. "Haa... Tengok ni, cikgu sumpit!" And I actually did it again! Whoosh! Out bursts water from the other end of the noodle. Talk about being a lousy teacher... Oh I know I am. Mum said so.
Hahah~ but they had fun learning. Itu penting.

Oh. Kaki kipas. Heheh... Funny. Funny to me lah, not sure if it's funny to you.
I used up so many wacky terms that my student even came out with his own. The flutter kick, he called it 'kaki kipas'. Ha-ha.

I was a bit touched(more to feeling proud, actually!) today when some children actually choose to learn with me compared to another swimming instructor. They looked at me and shook their head when asked to follow the other instructor. And... And before and after the class they actually came to me and shook my hand. Cium tangan lagi..! *touched* Wawawa~

The payment, I admit, was a bit low compared to if I teach personal classes, but it's really about self-satisfaction. The ones who are once aquaphobic, can now play in the water cheerfully.

Yes, I'm happy. And after today, I believe I have more to look forward to in the next class. *Ahem* Well basically because my students are getting better lah... Not because of that new handsome officer in charge of handling the children. Oops. Busted. Ha-ha...

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