May 29, 2011

One Good Love Advice

A friend just found out the guy of her dreams already have a girlfriend.

She asked me if she already lose.

I replied,

"Sebenarnya xde yang menang, xde yang kalah. Dia boleh couple dengan siapa2 je tapi kalau bukan jodoh dia, tetap xkan kahwin jgk."

(If they're not fated together, they wouldn't end up getting married no matter how.)

Reading it again, I was a bit surprised. Was it really me giving that kind of advice???
Wah. Macam matang betul aje dah~

Macam matured sangat je. (A friend of mine pronounced matured as matched. Baru teringat. Heh.)

Oh. Matured much la huh? But I do think it's a good advice, don't you think?
It does makes sense, right...

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